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  1. I was more worried about getting my gigabit lan working, which it did. Regarding wifi, I was surprised myself to find it working. Didn't really expect that nor do I need it actually. I tried the 5ghz wifi speed and it was really slow tbh. I didn't really do anything extra. Just copied my dtb file in and edited the uEnv.txt file. That's all. Here's my nmcli output if it's of any help. (wifi disabled from GUI) root@arm-64:~# nmcli eth0: connected to Wired connection 1 "eth0" ethernet (meson8b-dwmac), ...... wlan0: unavailable "Broadcom Wi-Fi" wifi (brcmfmac), .....
  2. I found the source of my problem! Apparently I'm not using a stock dtb and the firmware could not find it anymore since the directory has been renamed to dtb.old. I just had to copy my dtb file into the new dtb directory and my problem goes away. @ramoncio Thank you for your dtb file! My H96 Max X3 4GB 128GB works perfectly with Armbian focal 5.7.0-rc1. Gigabit runs at 1000gbps. Wifi works. Hdmi with sound works. Bluetooth is able to be switched on and I can see devices but I have yet to fully test it out. USB2 and USB3 works at full speed. Getting excess of 100MB/s on my Seagate external USB drive.
  3. I'm experiencing the same problem here. All was fine after installing to mmc but running apt upgrade results in green screen upon reboot. H96 Max X3 S905X3 Armbian_20.05.2_Arm-64_focal_current_5.7.0-rc1_desktop_20200423.img.xz meson-sm1-H96max-X3.dtb from: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12162-single-armbian-image-for-rk-aml-aw/?do=findComment&comment=94317
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