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  1. hi @FeiJi i dont have a bpi m64, so i dont have a chance to test it but i will try on pine64 with 5.10 kernel. A few months ago, I have a similar problem because of broken camera. Everything were looking normal but i was getting error from driver when i checked dmesg. I change cam and it works. Do you have chance to try different camera.
  2. Sorry @@lex for late reply, i did not see any notification until last message. Thank you usb camera formats are; ioctl: VIDIOC_ENUM_FMT Type: Video Capture [0]: 'MJPG' (Motion-JPEG, compressed) [1]: 'YUYV' (YUYV 4:2:2)
  3. Thanks for your support, I prefer 640*480 cause opencv face or tag recognition consume lots of cpu power, 640*480@30 is acceptable. I try a few more resolution and its getting worst [fmt:JPEG_1X8/1280x720] %100 cpu usage limited 15 FPS, could not reach more fps, cpu usage at single core that means not multithreaded [fmt:UYVY8_2X8/1280x720] // %190 cpu usage @30 fps ,multi threaded [fmt:UYVY8_2X8/1980x1080] // could not handle 30fps ,%200 cpu usage at 15FPS UPDATE: my best scenario is fmt:UYVY8_2X8 and opencv CV_CAP_PROP_FOURCC property is CV_FOURCC('Y', '
  4. yes, u are right that means there is no conversion. The app is very simple; open camera with opencv videocapturer and grap image with opencv(v3.4.10) and calculate fps (no display). Setup Pine64+ 1GB A64 Kernel 5.9.3 with HBV1318 ov5640 usb camera cpu usage is %6-8 at each core and total cpu usage %25 -31 ( 640*480*30FPS) device listed as doccamera: doccamera (usb-1c1a000.usb-1): /dev/video4 /dev/video5
  5. Thank you @@lex i got my new OV5640 camera and working with 5.9.x Cpu usage around %70 with opencv V4l2 capture fmt:UYVY8_2X8/640x480@30FPS and %60 with JPEG_1X8/640x480@30FPS. It is higher than i expect. i thought csi camera uses GPU to grab image. Usb ov5640 cpu usage around %25 with similar settings. is it normal? Do you have any idea. Thank you.
  6. Update: Analog sound + mic working I attached overlay for microphone and headphone. Tested with Pine64+ A64 Kernel 5.9.5 and working. You have to add overlay and set alsa configuration. Settings are just for template, you could modify to find best. Thank you. amixer cset name='Headphone Playback Switch' on amixer cset name='Headphone Source Playback Route' DAC amixer cset name='Line In Playback Switch' off amixer cset name='Line Out Playback Switch' off amixer cset name='Line Out Source Playback Route' Mono Differential amixer cset name='Mic1 Playback Switch' off amixer cset n
  7. Platform : Kernel 5.9.5 Pine64+ A64 buster server Analog sound working ! After a few days, i figure out the analog sound problem. There is a widget property in sound definition at sun50i-a64-pine64.dts file. This mainly specifies audio off-codec DAPM widgets (Dynamic Audio Power Management for Portable Devices according to devicetree/bindings/sound/widgets.txt) In my case this widgets disable analog sound and i couldnt find a way to enable it I remove widget line and linked routing properties from dts file and rebuild it and it works. If you dont want to rebuild armbian alternate way is
  8. yes exactly, now it works with custom dts. I write a test dts depending your dts file and it worked. Now i am trying to find why it is now working with original dts than i will create a patch to share with others. Thanks for your effort.
  9. yes u are right, i forget unmute while taking photo, unfortunatelly it did not fix, i try every possibility in alsamixer Thank you for pointing that.
  10. Thanks @guidol I am testing with pine64+ A64 kernel 5.9.5 i have same warnings in original dtb. I try many things but i could not figure whats wrong! I try to compare my dts file with yours.Do you have source, i mean dts files before compiled(easy to read) or is that https://github.com/megous/linux/tree/orange-pi-5.9 Thank you i try to gave more information UPDATE: I found a solution
  11. Kernel = 5.9.5 Pine64+ A64 HDMI sound is working, unfortunately Analog sound out not .I try to check dts and try to change mixer settings but no luck. I could not find what am i missing? I need help to fix analog sound issue Thank you. I attached dtb info and alsa info current_dtb.txt alsa-info.txt
  12. Hi, do you have a chance to test it? I could not get sound from audio jack. Could you share your dts if the analog audio working? Thank you
  13. Hi, I try to enable sound on headphone jack with pine64+ but i could not Alsa says "no sound found" at dmesg Could anyone help me? Thank you root@pine64:~# dmesg|grep -i sound [ 2.686397] No soundcards found. [ 6.323086] input: sun50i-a64-audio Headset Jack as /devices/platform/sound/sound/card0/input5 root@pine64:~# aplay -l **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: sun50ia64audio [sun50i-a64-audio], device 0: 1c22c00.dai-sun8i-codec-aif1 sun8i-codec-aif1-0 [1c22c00.dai-sun8i-codec-aif1 sun8i-codec-aif1-0] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #
  14. yes sensor is ov5640 and not reversed maybe there was a hardware issue, i dont know, i ordered a new one. Btw i have a reversed one (BP camera). I double check everything but no luck. May i ask is ov5640 works without any issue with a64 (pine64) or could you advise any camera ? i need 30 fps 640x480 to process with opencv. Thank you
  15. Thanks for fast reply,First I changed them according to schematic and i checked, gpios are correct, if there was an issue on my camera or not connectted, could i see device wiith "v4l2-ctl --list-devices" ? Maybe there is a problem on camera hardware. Thank you
  16. Hi, I am working more than 4 days but no luck, could you share your dts and config file. I dont understand whats wrong. i get "ov5640 1-004c: ov5640_init_slave_id: failed with -6" error Thank you root@pine64:~# dmesg |grep ov5640 [ 5.692745] sun6i-csi 1cb0000.csi: creating ov5640 1-004c:0 -> sun6i-csi:0 link [ 5.966763] ov5640 1-004c: ov5640_init_slave_id: failed with -6 [ 595.120402] ov5640 1-004c: ov5640_init_slave_id: failed with -6 root@pine64:~# v4l2-ctl --list-devices cedrus (platform:cedrus): /dev/video0 root@pine64:~# l
  17. Actually i am working on pine64 a64+ , i try to enable ov5640. i thought, i could fix with pinetab csi settings as you mention at above.
  18. Yes i did it, unfortunatelly stuck editing dts file. could you give me a start point to use customized dts. I found dtb file under "/build/cache/sources/linux-mainline/orange-pi-5.8/arch/arm64/boot/dts/allwinner/ " but how could i customize dts before compile the kernel, i dont understand. I mean, how to attach customized dts. Thanks for your help.
  19. I try to enable CSI Camera for pine64 A64+ Mainline Kernel (5.8x) config "CONFIG_VIDEO_SUN6I_CSI=m" NOT located in the kernel config file. And I try to add this line to /build/userpatches/linux-sunxi64-current.config and recompile. Unfortunately my compiled konfig file doesnt contain CONFIG_VIDEO_SUN6I_CSI, i try to find it in KKonfig menu but i coult not locate in the menu. Could anyone help? thank you.
  20. there was an issue about mac address when i was working on it. I dont have a setup to test with current kernel sorry
  21. Thanks for your answer, i checked ArmbianIO, it is based on sysfs. pyGPIO is based on dev/mem, this is what i am looking unfortunatelly it does not support interrupts. I could not find a way to get gpio int from memory. thank you.
  22. Hi,I am a developing a c++ application with OPI 0+2 (h5 + mainline kernel), controls a motor with an encoder and a driver. I did it , but it consume to much cpu power (%8) . I could access with using sysfs and character device. Both of them works like open->read->close .Actually it works very well with polling. Unfortunately consume to much cpu. Interrupt freq around 6600hz (150 us) . Is there anyway to control interrupt with dev mem? Or could anyone give me a startup point to access (c++) gpio interrupts efficiently. Btw i tyied libgpiod based on character device. Thank you.
  23. Bluetooth init success with Orange pi zero plus 2 Mainline kernel 5.4.28 i solve problem with these steps: 1) install bluetooth support from armbian-config 2) install devmem2 and compile if not installed wget http://free-electrons.com/pub/mirror/devmem2.c gcc ./devmem2.c mv ./a.out /usr/local/bin/devmem2 3) add modules bluetooth and hci_uart to /etc/modules 4) remove bluetooth service (we will add new script) update-rc.d bluetooth remove 5) remove blutooth init script (editing not worked for me) rm /etc/init.d/bluetooth 6) copy modified
  24. Hi , i have a same problem with opiz+2 Mainline kernel 5.4.2x i could not find ap6212-bluetooth file (i did it before on legacy kernel), now i have only bluetooth file. I try to edit this file but nothing change. Could you a bit clear how to success with bluetooth. Thanks