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  1. Hi Igor, no offence, no expectations for support! If I get some, great, if not, well... that's why I'm in said "club" for decades already anyhow. Maybe it is straight forward, not really a "bug" but lack-of-knowledge and understanding on my side. But I couldn't find a straight, recent "howto" anywhere. If by more testing I can help to get spi0..2 reliable on cubietrucks, count me in. Coding is not my domain though. I can add more information on what I found playing with the dev branch (built Linux version 5.6.12-sunxi) - there at some point it appeared that
  2. after spending a hundred or so (no kiddin') hours on this... went back to the last 4.x image available, did a fresh install onto another SD card. Played around with spi0 and spidev - never got anything back from spidev_test. Then switched to spi2 - et voilá... here we go. /boot/armbianEnv.txt: verbosity=7 logo=disabled console=both disp_mode=1920x1080p60 rootdev=UUID=3595ccbf-f621-4737-ab70-f6bd9ccd8f49 rootfstype=ext4 overlay_prefix=sun7i-a20 overlays=spi2 spi-spidev param_spi2_bus_pins=a param_spidev_spi_bus=2 param_spidev_max_freq=12000000 usbstoragequi
  3. doing a PR ... is way beyond my skills, sorry. Not ever done anything alike. Spent probably 100 hours now on messing around with spi on cubietruck. Me := too stupid for this stuff. Eventually got what I needed falling back to a 4.x image and switching over to spi2. Something weird with spi0 on this thing. tl;dr. Got to call it a day on this.
  4. Hi all. Not sure if it is me not understanding (may well be! built my last kernels in 1997 I think...) or a flaw in this patch: which is supposed to fix this bug if I understand correctly: Looking at the patch file in my built tree: build/patch/kernel/sunxi-dev/general-sunxi-overlays.patch To my understanding it contains the (re)addition of dts files for sun7i-a20-spi{0..2}, i.e. as of line 3456 it addes the spi0
  5. Hi there. @Moderators: sorry for double-posting, started here: but might be the wrong section and been overlooked by "cubietruckers". Feel free to delete the one over there. @Moderators: could you verify my account please so that I can edit my posts after posting on the same day? I'm human, I can tell traffic lights from trees, cars, and trucks ;-) Cubietruck. Stock image 20.02. apt-upgraded to 5.4.35-sunxi EDIT: NOTE: just
  6. Some progress... after many hours of strolling through various threads on SPI issues from about 200 before Christ up to about 2018.... Found some tweaks to the device tree files and the spi-spidev overlay which got me a /dev/spidev0.0. Then tried a loopback test with spidev_test.c from the kernel sources. That gave lots of ouput TX, but only zeros on RX. Reverted changes, tried this and that. Eventually ran apt update + apt upgrade to get the kernel from 5.4.20-sunxi to 5.4.35-sunxi. After a reboot, this makes spidev0.0 appear without any of my earlier tweak
  7. Hi there. Trying to get SPIDEV working on my good old cubietruck aka cubieboard3 with an allwinner A20. Found some posts here and there dealing with A20 boards. But nothing of that did anything for me so far. Enabled it in armbian-config hardware settings and rebooted. No /dev/spi* at all. No mentioning of "spi" in dmesg. Step 1 gave a line "overlays=spi-spidev" in /boot/armbianEnv.txt. Read somewhere else that there should be another line "param_spidev_spi_bus=0", but that was not created by armbian-config. Added that ...bus=0 line myself and rebooted. Still no s