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  1. Sorry, tmon package seems not to be available.... but I can give you my simple test script: #!/bin/bash clear echo "Temperature Test" echo " " echo "N°: T0°C T1°C" for i in {1..50} do a=$(expr $(cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp) / 1000) b=$(expr $(cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp) / 1000) echo "$i: $a°C $b°C" sysbench cpu --cpu-max-prime=1000000 --threads=$(nproc) run > /dev/null done a=$(expr $(cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp) / 1000) b=$(expr $(cat /sys/devices/virtual
  2. I did a more complete temperature test with cpu sysbench during a long time: Temperature Test N°: T0°C T1°C 1: 79°C 79°C 2: 82°C 83°C 3: 83°C 83°C 4: 83°C 82°C 5: 83°C 83°C 6: 82°C 82°C 7: 83°C 83°C 8: 83°C 83°C 9: 83°C 83°C 10: 83°C 83°C 11: 83°C 83°C 12: 83°C 83°C 13: 83°C 83°C 14: 82°C 83°C 15: 83°C 83°C 16: 83°C 83°C 17: 83°C 83°C 18: 83°C 83°C 19: 82°C 83°C 20: 83°C 83°C The temperature never exceeds 83°C.
  3. Yes, the heatsink could be warm. But as I said globally always around 82°C with all cpus at 100%, (and decrease quickly when I stop). I think the processor limit ~85 °C. I tested previously another solution with a little heatsink and a fan, the temperature was also around 50°C. It is a personal choice to change in order to have no noise, because I use it as pc and as media center.
  4. Another solution to avoid noise and fan management for orange pi 4 is to use a big heatsink (fanless solution): Orange Pi 4 Heatsink I tried it and it works well. The temperature can rise to 85°C in peak (and 82°C in average) when I tried to stress the cpu with benchmark or with high resolution youtube video, but I never stayed stuck due to a overheat. In normal use, I have more something between 58 to 65 °C.
  5. Thank you for the link ! I checked again all ROCKCHIP configuration differences between linux-rk3399-legacy.config and "ayufan-rock64" rockchip_linux_defconfig: CONFIG_VIDEO_ROCKCHIP_VPU=y CONFIG_VIDEO_ROCKCHIP_ISP1=y CONFIG_SND_SOC_ROCKCHIP_HDMI_ANALOG=y CONFIG_SND_SOC_ROCKCHIP_HDMI_DP=y CONFIG_SND_SOC_ROCKCHIP_MULTICODECS=y CONFIG_SND_SOC_ROCKCHIP_CDNDP=y CONFIG_ROCKCHIP_SUSPEND_MODE=y CONFIG_ROCKCHIP_OTP=m CONFIG_ROCKCHIP_SIP=y CONFIG_ROCKCHIP_SARADC=m I am not sure that all is relevant but I hope it can b
  6. I finally checked kernel config and dts from orangepi-xunlong with armbian sources (4.4.x). dts audio hdmi configurations are the same hdmi_dp_sound: hdmi-dp-sound { status = "okay"; compatible = "rockchip,rk3399-hdmi-dp"; rockchip,cpu = <&i2s2>; rockchip,codec = <&hdmi>, <&cdn_dp>; }; but there is something different # CONFIG_SND_SOC_ROCKCHIP_HDMI_DP is not set I think this flag should be set to module (m) to be co
  7. My analysis is that the Legacy. Kernel 4.4.x has a better drivers support (Sound, Wifi and bluetooth) but there is still some issues on graphic configuration and HDMI sound. Kernel 5.4.x is booting very slowly but works well with less drivers support but there is major issue (for me) about panfrost driver that is why it is less usable...
  8. Hi, I checked the device tree about hdmi sound and it is disabled: $cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/hdmi-sound/status disable Is it normal ?
  9. For information, here is my panfrost gpu issue: [Sat May 16 15:28:37 2020] panfrost ff9a0000.gpu: js fault, js=0, status=INSTR_INVALID_ENC, head=0x139c1d00, tail=0x139c1d00 [Sat May 16 15:28:37 2020] panfrost ff9a0000.gpu: gpu sched timeout, js=0, config=0x3300, status=0x51, head=0x139c1d00, tail=0x139c1d00, sched_job=00000000b3e6ec90 [Sat May 16 15:28:37 2020] ------------[ cut here ]------------ [Sat May 16 15:28:37 2020] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 2590 at include/linux/dma-fence.h:533 drm_sched_resubmit_jobs+0x160/0x178 [gpu_sched] [Sat May 16 15:28:37 2020] Modules linked in:
  10. Here is the log result of Xorg.log: [ 2377.870] (II) modeset(0): EDID vendor "GSM", prod id 1 [ 2377.870] (II) modeset(0): Using hsync ranges from config file [ 2377.870] (II) modeset(0): Using vrefresh ranges from config file [ 2377.870] (II) modeset(0): Printing DDC gathered Modelines: [ 2377.870] (II) modeset(0): Modeline "3840x2160"x0.0 594.00 3840 4016 4104 4400 2160 2168 2178 2250 +hsync +vsync (135.0 kHz eP) [ 2377.870] (II) modeset(0): Modeline "1920x1080"x0.0 148.50 1920 2008 2052 2200 1080 1084 1089 1125 +hsync +vsync (67.5 kHz e) [ 2377.870] (II)
  11. I use the last kernel (dev) 5.4.39 on orange pi 4 board and I have no sound card detected. I did the command aplat -l and the result is no devices found... About bluetooth it seems it works but I did not enough tests. I noticed also some panfrost errors in my dmesg log but this issue seems solved in next kernel version 5.5.x. I will investigate.
  12. I finally solved my problem. I must power up the Orange PI board before power up the TV and the HDMI is well detected and I have now no crtc size error in my log. But I have an issue with sound on HDMI, I have no sound. the default server selected is pulse/native. Is something to configure to have sound on HDMI ?
  13. Hello, For information, the version tested is this one: Linux orangepi4 5.4.36-rockchip64 #trunk.123 SMP PREEMPT Sat May 2 04:21:56 CEST 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux I think the issue could come from (crtc sizes not found...): [Mon May 4 19:08:26 2020] [drm] Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 2 (21.10.2013). [Mon May 4 19:08:26 2020] [drm] No driver support for vblank timestamp query. [Mon May 4 19:08:26 2020] [drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes [Mon May 4 19:08:26 2020] [drm] Initialized rockchip 1.0.0 20140818 for display-subsystem on minor
  14. Hello, I try to connect my orange pi 4 (NPU version (PI 4 B)) to my LG 4K Smart TV but I have no signal... I use Buster desktop with kernel 5.4 (DEV). I checked my power and my cable but I don't think it is the problem. When I did a test on another LCD screen all worked as expected. I send to you the dmesg and Xorg log but I don't see a specific error... perhaps you will see something I missed. If I can I will be happy to help you for tests on orange pi 4. Thank you to all the team, you did a very good job on a nice project ! Thank you in