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  1. My experience so far with tv boxes; Z28 (RK3328, 2/16GB): runs all armbian versions although i need to boot from SD (antique loader). Runs stable (tested 9 days uptime with a bitcoin node). BUT: unable to remain stable under heavy load (compiling bitcoin core on more than 1 thread), not temperature dependent. SOC itself screws up undert load. H96Max+ (RK3328, 4/32GB): installs to emmc, utter garbage, they somehow managed to get rid off the normally used pwm for soc vdd, result is it will only run older kernels. But even on older kernels it is unstable on high loads (see z28). X96air (s905x3, 4/64GB): installs to emmc, stable under any load, runs all versions >5.40?, best by far (so far).
  2. You can try burning the image to a usb stick and run the update from there, or install the update while in android? Or best yet, ask someone who had the same problem for a solution?
  3. I have the same box as in the thread you linked to (but turns out with another wifi chip, so no wifi for me). In his next post he says its working for him. Just try this one more time; Download & write the latest universal image (bionic must work, haven't tried the others). Edit the dtb in uEnv.txt. Copy u-boot.sd to u-boot.ext. Start your box to the android recovery menu (toothpick or whatever your box uses for that). Select Update from external media so it installs aml_autoscript.zip that updates your u-boot. Reboot. This worked for me and others, but your box is different than mine. For the color fix the u-boot needs to be upgraded, if somehow your u-boot doesn't change than you would be stuck with the color problem (for now?).
  4. Try copying u-boot.sd to u-boot.ext instead of renaming. That worked for me (latest 'Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW' + dtb entry in uEnv.txt).