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  1. Sorry for this late answer ! It would be nice to have a C version that does not need Python ! If you have one, please share it. Best regards !
  2. Thanks for your work ! I am using your script, slightly modified because the new Python 3.8 does not compile into pyo files anymore. Also, I am using a systemd service instead.
  3. After latest updates, does not work anymore ! My 5GHz wi-fi network is not even seen. I've tried also another wi-fi adapter, ASUS AC-53 (same chipset AFAIK). In this case, the SSID appears, but I cannot connect. Tried also Focal image: same issue ! Maybe there is a problem with drivers or this chipset. 2.4GHz connection works. Any clues? Thank you !
  4. Thanks, I will try that. For now, i am using static IP address, and it is working fine.
  5. I have changed the power supply with one providing 5V 5A and now I can connect to 5GHz network. Anyway, I have another problem: wifi keeps disconnecting from time to time and the dhcp server provides every time another IP address !
  6. This is the log: I am using 5V 2.5A power adapter to power the board. It was chosen because it is in the tested 3rd party hardware list.
  7. I have a problem with NEO2 and EDIMAX EW 7822ULC. I can't see none of my 5GHz network SSID, but I can connect to 2.4 GHz. I am using Buster minimal image. It is something I should do to solve this problem? Thank you.