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  1. @P.P.A. follow the patches from libreelec or pbp-tools. i rebuild with kernel > ffmpeg > kodi. you can see what else i use in pbp-tools. @Marco Diego Aurélio Mesqui h264 and vp8 have been supported for quite some time in development. you can see the v4l2codecs info in the release. easiest way to do this is just use kwiboo's WIP patches now.
  2. i have been updating the kernel, ffmpeg, and kodi in sequence when major new patches from @Kwiboo are updated with consistent success, minus the known issues.
  3. most scripts are not pbp specific, but that has been the focus so i am not sure for other devices. i would say test and give feedback after reading the scripts. i will be making these more generic as i expect to get a few HardRock64 devices when they are available. the most specific is the linux build script because of the pbp patch and kernel config, but you can override this with KERNELCONFIG and use your own config to build for almost any rockchip device. I will make the pbp patch overrideable. back on topic: kwiboo's linux-rockchip WIP branch is working
  4. @Kwiboo i've also tested your latest linux-rockchip WIP branch work patched to linux 5.8-rc2 with ffmpeg 4.3-rkvdec. working great on pinebookpro, minus the vp9 issue. for the vp9 issue, this was either broken after rebasing 4.2.2, or with a newer kernel. i do recall it working fine earlier. i've uploaded my clips here: (they are all the same short sample re-encoded with ffmpeg from big buck bunny with various codecs and settings for testing. ) https://github.com/xmixahlx/media-samples/tree/master/videos
  5. @Kwiboo ffmpeg 4.3-rkvdec working well with most supported codecs. i do have some new pixellations with vp9. just checked, they were there in the 4.2.2-rkvdec, too. in kodi, vp9 10/12bit and x265 12bit formats that are not hwaccel supported just freeze or crash kodi and are not being decoded via SW.
  6. @Kwiboo did you have any idea about hantro encoding? ^ also, ffmpeg 4.3 and linux 5.8-rc1 are released and can't wait to update! fyi, i have a new project, pbp-tools on git that is collecting these hwaccel things for pinebook pro: https://github.com/xmixahlx/pbp-tools https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=10190 any idea on the ffmpeg -decoders bug not listing v4lrequest? that seems to break things like mpv that use detection. ffmpeg and kodi work OK.
  7. understood. it does seem mpeg4 is a mess,. hwaccel is a much bigger topic on the pinebookpro due to battery, although i'm sure power usage is still a concern with the usual sbc format. obviously with libreelec and kodi you are focused on hwaccel decoding as many formats as possible. (thank you!) do you have any insight into hantro encoding status? i see hantro-vpu-enc detected in the kernel with jpeg support and just not aware of what is happening on that front.
  8. understood. tyvm for context. 5.7 is released! thanks again for your work and others getting patches upstreamed. i noticed vc1 and mpeg4 hwaccel work in @jernej repos. is that coming to rk3399? also bootlin has been active with v4l2-request-test with new hantro and other branches. and the bext branch was deleted in libva-v4l2-request. hopeful that these will be updated for v4l2 in 5.7! with ffmpeg not displaying v4l2request hwaccels any more, it seems that mpv hwdec doesn't work. should i be doing something different?
  9. @Kwiboo fyi i did encounter graphical artifacts similar to what rubenvb has noted with 10bit h264 and h265 using ffmpeg_master, ffmpeg_v4l2-request-hwaccel-master, and cherry picking last few rkvdec commits from v4l2-request-hwaccel-4.2.2-rkvdec. however, the system stack i mentioned above earlier today works perfectly.
  10. also: ffmpeg 4.2.3 with v4l2-request-hwaccel-4.2.2-rkvdec patch: https://pastebin.com/uF5kpABD kodi-git libva-v4l2-request_master + pulls 29+30 libva_master + pulls 332+340 (for libva 332 delete the 5th chunk, version bump, or apply against libva 2.6.0)
  11. as i posted in the pine64 hwaccel thread: the kernel i am testing now, working well is: (getting ready for 5.7!) next20200529 pinebookpro patch: https://pastebin.com/YK4LXeyv Kwiboo's LibreElec 1000 patch Kwiboo's v4l2 patch: https://pastebin.com/gaQSZQ6B Kwiboo's drm patch: https://pastebin.com/b1BWZ8Cg responsiveness is actually significantly better than 5.7-rc7 (!?), and my nvme drive is also much better handled. interesting. also, i would recommend compiling hantro and rkvdec into the kernel, not modules, so that they are detected in the same order consistently.
  12. https://github.com/LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv/tree/master/projects/Allwinner/patches/linux https://github.com/LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv/tree/master/packages/multimedia/ffmpeg/patches
  13. first, very interesting! thanks for your work here. second, wouldn't it make more sense to update libva-v4l2-request? it is known to be out of date... speaking as a rk3399 user (pbp) that would love to adapt it to include hantro and rkvdec.
  14. thanks for the guidance, @jernej! with both hantro and rkvdec supporting h264, and rkvdec having expanded capabilities, does it make sense to rely/prioritize rkvdec when detected? how does ffmpeg/v4l2-request decide which one to use?
  15. thanks. i have collected the vaapi hantro bits on the pine64 forum thread, which basically refers to ph5's work on libva, libva-v4l2-request, and gstreamer-vaapi to add support for hantro, but it seems broken. vaapi for mpeg2 on hantro does work -- tested on vlc.