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  1. xmixahlx

    Mainline VPU

    @Kwiboo awesome, thanks. LMK if I can help test. i wanted to add that i am not seeing <format>_v4l2request in ffmpeg -decoders any longer. (this was working a few months ago.) it would be amazing to see libva and libva-v4l2-request support for hantro and rkvdec. with firefox wayland/drm and vaapi support this should work on the desktop. (i am using sway on pinebookpro). Do you know if anyone is working to expand ph5's hantro work?
  2. xmixahlx

    Mainline VPU

    hwaccel works fine for me with the jellyfish sample: https://pastebin.com/6d5QR92H
  3. xmixahlx

    Mainline VPU

    greetings, @AndreVallestero pointed me towards this thread and i wanted to share what's working for me on the pinebook pro (rk3399): mp2, vp8, vp9, h264 and h265 (8 and 10bit) hwaccel. as andre mentioned, i've collected resources and documented my testing in the mainline hardware acceleration thread on pine64 forums as well as some related system bits (mesa-git, kodi-git, etc.). hwaccel thread is here: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=9171 i was pulling patches out of kernel patchwork linux-rockchip and linux-media before finding that @Kwiboo and LibreElec were packaging these up nicely. awesome. thanks so much! you can review the last few posts starting from here to be up to speed: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=9171&pid=65712#pid65712 with Kwiboo's recent linux-rockchip and ffmpeg git activity, my system is using: manjaro pinebookpro 5.7-rc2 kernel branch patched to 5.7-rc6 LibreElec patches from Kwiboo's rk-5.6 branch (modified next/list) Kwiboo's linux-kernel 5.6 vs 5.6-hevc branch diff Kwiboo's ffmpeg 4.2.2 vs 4.2.2-rkvdec branch diff ffmpeg 4.2.3 kodi-git a few notable things with kodi (gbm+gles) and big buck bunny reencode samples: h264 10bit provides kernel hard lock and forced shutdown x265 12bit freezes the kodi interface, then recovers vp9 10/12bit give green image and correct audio 4K 60fps h264 file plays out of sync jellyfin-kodi working great with my htpc server, mostly x264 8bit video files i realize the formats above aren't expected to work, just sharing what happens when they don't. i've upped the ffmpeg log for 4.2.3-v4l2-request-hwaccel-rkvdec with a h265-10b sample here: https://pastebin.com/x7iNaY4M