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  1. Hello, I still need help with getting PecanPi added to armbian. I will give a PecanPi DAC to person who gets it set up. Thanks; Leo
  2. I only have the PecanPi DAC, if you are in the states I can also have a tinker board shipped to you, directly from amazon.
  3. I will send a PecanPi DAC for free to whom ever want to take on this venture.
  4. I am only allowed to post once a day. Anyway the only board that I am interested in is the Tinkerboard. I don't know much about linux or kernels but I know that Asus spend a lot of time getting TinkerOS (Debian based) to properly run the PecanPi DAC with the RPI-DAC overlay being ported over from the Rpi. Since they put all the work into it, I am hoping it will be easy to get it to run on Armbian also. I will try to support where I can but when it come to compiling and all that stuff I have to leave that to you guys here. I have all the hardware and am able to test proper operation if an SD card image is provided with instructions.
  5. I am no very versed in github or these software branch things. I am hardware engineer. Can somebody here please help get this setup.
  6. Hello, I would like to request that support for the PecanPi DAC (www.orchardaudio.com/pecanpi-dac) be added to Armbian. Asus recently added support as of Scetch version 2.1.11. To enable the DAC the following line is needed int the hw_intf.conf file: intf:dtoverlay=rpi-dac Thank you; Leo
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