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  1. Hello, I'm planning to use Armbian for a custom distribution (target is Orange Pi Zero, for now). Usually, for this kind of job I use Yocto. But this time, I intend to use the board as a ROS server, and quite frankly, integrating ROS into Yocto is quite painful. As it will be used only for a hobby robotics project, I don't really mind using another method. So, the thing is, I intend to create a customized Armbian distro with ROS preinstalled. But, I will also need to cross-compile and install some of my own projects. I was wondering, what is the most standard way to cross-compile (mostly C++, here, but whatever) a project for integration into the image ? Using Yocto, I can create a "SDK" using the "populate_sdk" command, which creates a self-extractable archive containing toolchain+libs. What would be the equivalent in the Armbian build framework ? Thanks in advance, and congratulation for the great job accomplished on Armbian !
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