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  1. Thank you @rapsacw Well... your case illustrates my caveats with the tv boxes: "Z28 (RK3328, 2/16GB) = works fine" and "H96Max+ (RK3328, 4/32GB) = garbage". Unless you get some very specific advice on some very specific model (like bables150 gave earliear)... Well, I'll try to have the time today to order at least _something_ and see how well it goes and if the packages makes it across the globe or not... After all, that is part of the experiment too If it arrives but doesn´t fit my Linux goals hopefully it will still remain a useful android TV Box. Thank you all for your feedback! MadOp
  2. >> balbes150 >> or RPi4 >> This shit is not interesting, even if it will be distributed for free (technically, this is a very bad decision). >>>> MadOp >>>> Why the bad blood with the RPi? Sorry, I meant to ask specifically for the RPi4, as you seem to dislike that version in particular. (I could´t edit my previous post).
  3. @balbes150 Thank you for such a thorough reply. You are correct about the GPIO and such features not being needed for my project. I think it´s the first time I hear a (good) TV Box should be easier for this "project", I thought an expensive TV Box would not give me a noticeably better linux experience than a cheap one. Up untill these weeks my impression was that there where no Linux releases (Armbian or others) that where as reliable on TV Boxes as the ones for SBCs simply because SBCs manufacturers are (more or less) supporting it, while Linux on TV Boxes is usually a third party project without manufacturer collaboration AND with very dodgy targets (all those undocumented differences between devices and production batches)... I guess I will revisit the forum with a new perspective... A tangent question for you, if you don´t mind: Why the bad blood with the RPi? I realise it has questionable aspects and it´s superiority over RPi3 as an upgrade is often debatable, but I think considering cost + flexibility + available software is a good product, even if it might not be the best for every project. Again, I appreciate everyone' s insights. MadOp
  4. Hi guys, thank you very much for yor feedback. Lots of details to research there :) I´m amazed at the amount of work you put into this. Altough I see I am somewhat on track on what my options might be, and I will also go through those links and threads, let me put the question this way: S905x3 was sort of my first choice, just because I heard some good comments about it and also have a couple of Odroids, so they are somewhat familiar to me.... But I just read @balbes150 seems to be favoring RKs over AML S905x3, is that just a personal choice or has RK a clear edge on Linux on an equivalent SOC? (I know RK3399 is on a higher level, closer to an S922 I guess) And, AW´s .... are those any good at all for my "project"? @mradalbert That one looks very interesting... Yeah, I wanna go rather cheap because A) for more expensive devices I have my Odroids, and B) part of the "experiment" is about how far can I go with inexpensive yet easily avaiable devices. And C) I know I might get ripped off in this purchase, heh. That is also why getting close to the cost of, say, a RPi3 or RPi4 doesn´t fully makes sense in this project as, for the same money, I´d expect a SBC to be more reliable than a TV Box when running Linux . Granted, perhaps the more expensive the TV Boxes *are* as reliable as an SBC, but software wise I think they will require much more work (or learning) from my part. ( @balbes150 the guru probably knows a ton about that :) ) Thanks in advance! MadOp.
  5. @SteeMan Thanks for the insights, you just got me reconsidering my whole plan.... But I won´t give up just yet :)
  6. hi, I am considering getting a couple of inexpensive tv boxes to play with, my goals in order of interest would be: - Test Linux running some monitoring bash scripts. - Test Linux running some lan services as PiHole, nginx service fallback static pages for a couple of domains. - Test Linux acting as a thin client to RDP servers (think LTSP). - Test Android acting as a thin client to RDP servers (think LTSP). I don´t intend to run all of these at once, but rather test how well those work (or not). I am leaning towards TV Boxes instead of SBCs for the "all in one piece" factor, with SMBs getting the board+case+PSU+wifi-dongle rapidly seem to become more expensive or cumbersome to bundle (FriedlyElec/NanoPi's for instance look nice, but shipping them down here would cost me U$D 150/200) As there is a gazillion "brands" and models out there, I will ask which would be your preferred SOC for this rather than brands or models. More details on what I´d like to have working in the box: - A device that won´t drive me crazy in order to get Linux with a relatively modern kernel up and running, - stable WiFi, - USB ports for keyboard, mouse (and a USB drive would be welcome!), - HDMI, - 2GB/32GB minimum, 4/64 preferred. (Video decoding is not really a priority.) Budget... somewhere between $25 and $40 (each box). Otherwise I _might_ be better off with an SBC. So, which SOC would you choose? 1. AML S905x3 2. AML S912 3. Allwiner H5? H616? 4. RK3328? RK3229? Thanks in advance.
  7. hi guys, A while ago I got this x96 Max tv box in the hope to tinker with it at some point, but it turns out I am not able to even boot from the sdcard or USB.... Maybe I am overlooking something basic so I figured I ´d ask people more knowledgable tha me in this matters. The procedure I´ve tried so far is powering the device while pressing the button hidden in the AV plug. The screen just stays black until I power it off. I´ve tested witha few cards and drives, a bunch of OSes (armban, corelec, emuelec) and a bunch of image writing applications. I have not tried some app released by amlogic themselves that I grasped it exists somewhere?? But for what I understand creating the boot drive with that particular app is not a "requirement",or is it? It´s "feels" like the device is not even seeing the alternative boot device, has anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance. MadOp
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