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  1. @balbes150 Is it correct that aml_autoscript.zip has a size of 0b? Can I download a working version somewhere?
  2. When doing either of the methods in the first post tooth pick or updater app, I'm dropping into recovery, so I thought it might be clever to apply the aml_autoscript.zip via the recovery, but that seems to not work. Later I realised the autoscript zip is 0b in size, I guess that's why it wont work...
  3. Hi Fellow AML Armbian users I tried to install the current version of this Armbian from Yandex Disk on my X92. I tried to install the zip from OTA App as well as with toothpick, with both methods I can reach the recovery and choose the USB with the ZIP file but I get the error "cannot load volume /misc" is this a known problem? has anyone ever seen this? Thanks for your help
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