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    mradalbert reacted to Luigi Calligaris in H96 Max X3 Specifics only   
    Hello, this is to report that I just tested the latest version of Armbian Focal 20.04 on H96 MAX X3

    together with the DTB from @root-stas  h96max-x2-test-bus80-gpu-volt.dtb (question, why the "x2" in the filename? Is it derived from/common to the S905X2 DTB or is a typo?)

    It seems to work great: so far I tested WiFi, HDMI audio, Ethernet. I could connect an USB webcam and use it for videoconferencing (Vidyo web-based client).
    I just noticed some instability in chromium (it rarely crashes when loading a new page), but this could be an issue with chromium itself.
    I have't yet flashed to eMMC and when I do so I'll check if I experience the issue with HDMI audio as well.

    Thanks to all for the great work!
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