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  1. Nice hardware for NAS on usb3.0 only board. It looks like perfect hardware for ultimate 12-bay RK3399 nas experience if combined with proper hardware Sent from my Redmi 4X using Tapatalk
  2. I also received nanopi M4v2, and (after few attempts of course) succesfuly booted to armbian (rockpi 4b dev 5.3 from 02.11). for now everything is working except of 2 things : 1. If you load armbian to eMMC and still leave sdcard in slot it will not boot at all (power usage is cycling around 1.9-2.1W and nothing is happening, even doing dd if=/dev/zero to sdcard didn't change anything), when i disconnect sdcard it's booting, and working great for now. 2.Probably more armbian-config issiue than board, but when i tried to install to mmc using btrfs it said that i have to little space on empty 32GB eMMC (there was somethig like :1008M required (blank space) memory available). when i try ext4 it worked well and without any issiue. let me know if i can do anything to help ;P Sent from my Redmi 4X using Tapatalk
  3. Mean Well has a specsheets on it site, there should be min/max ratings, you can compare it to ATX standard and have an idea about it's "grade". I also used 5v 75w meanwell (i didn't remember for now which series, LRS or something like that) and it work good for OPi PC Plus + NanoPi M4 and NPi neo core2, i didn't have any issue with that. Unfortunately for now I'm just use NPi M4 sata hat with 12V/2A power supply, so I can't tell how it will work in your case, but meanwell produce good power supplies so it should be fine. Sent from my Redmi 4X using Tapatalk
  4. Maybe you must install armbianmonitor (armbianmonitor -r if i remember it right) oraz just type armbianmonitor or armbianmonitor -h (it should display help) Wysłane z mojego 2014811 przy użyciu Tapatalka