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  1. Well, it costs me only 25€ in amazon, really cheap. by the way, where can I get the dtb file? It came with an android 9 version. Thanks for your job and help, It's really useful.
  2. Hi @jock and thanks for your help. I've disassembled the box and attach some pictures of the internals tanix tvbox. Is quite really small and tagged as TX8-H. There are some pins next to microSD-card reader marked as GND, RX, TX and VCC so they seem to be a UART port, I'll try this deeper later. WIFI and bluetooth chip is a AP6255. Let me know if you need some additional info. Thanks! edit: I've tested wifi and it works. And docker also works!!!!! lshw dmesg
  3. Hi!. I've managed to install armbian "Debian Buster minimal - mainline kernel" on a really cheap rk3318 (4GB/64GB) and it works perfectly. I can run docker instances inside, you have done a really great job!!! congrats. I've installed armbian in internal storage as there is described in the first post but my installation lacks of armbian-config and rk3318-config I've installed armbian-config from apt but I can't find rk3318-config. Which package I've should install to get rk3318-config? Thanks
  4. here is the dts extracted: Boot process fails in "faild to get aml_reserved_end address" Before loading kernel: Here is a boot with meson8b-mxq.dtb dtb. I've tested 3 HDMI cables and in all of them doens't works, monitor says out of range. So I've tested in my TV and it shows the S805 logo, but not console. I supose that if I have used a desktop version it have showed a graphical environment. But in android it works in both, computer monitor and console. I'll do more tests. Thanks. PS: My monitor is a Benq ew2775zh and should support 1080p.
  5. Thanks @RaptorSDS I've extracted the dtb file from android image (kernel 3.10): and from https://github.com/PabloCastellano/extract-dtb So as my device is a 1gb i think that dtb should be 02_dtbdump_m8b_m201_1G.dtb so I tried to booting using this dtb but without success. I also decompiled and compiled again : But it get stucked on Starting kernel ... with both dtb, extracted and recompiled. So I think that I should build a dtb mixing from extracted android and meson8b-mxq.dtb that comes with armbian. Thanks @balbes150 but my monitor supports 1080 (and this resolution works with android and alexelec firmware) It should be something in dtb, I don't understand dtb files (yet). do you know if it is possible to change to a newer generic u-boot , or u-boot is specific for each device? Talking about wifi, it doesn't mind me, I only want to use ethernet and this works fine, but I asume that it should depend on dtb and linux loaded modules. by the way, I tried to run docker (apt install docker.io because armbian-config don't install correctly docker) and It shows that /dev/mqueue doesn't exists: thanks.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm trying armbian in an old S805 tv box (Chiptrip MXV). I tried all dtb but without any success, it shows s805 logo at the beginning but after a few seconds my monitor says out of range . So I connected a serial adapter and although it has no hdmi output (out of range) it boots with meson8b-mxq.dtb and detects ethernet. WIFI seems to be not detected (the chip shows rtl8723bs) I hope that could be useful for someone and reuse an old cheap TV box for custom projects. I can connect through ssh and configure it. This is my serial output showing the process: -Anyone knows if there ara any solution to hdmi and wifi for this device? Thanks