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  1. Let me do some reading and then maybe attempt an install. If I can figure that out maybe I will have some to contribute. That's for the help so far.
  2. I understand completely. There's only so much a small community can do. Thanks for the links. I have some reading to do.
  3. Hey all! Just signed up. I had been thinking of converting an older T.V. box and was hoping I could do it with Debian. Debian has been my preferred OS for some time now. I have never dealt with these boxes or arm for that matter. It looks like it may be possible to install armbian on this box and I started reading some of the documentation. What I would like to ask before I go down the rabbit hole is, based only on the specs below, if it looks possible? Would it be a good candidate for armbian or would there be too much non-cpu bits that surely won't work. If you folks thinks it's a capab