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  1. kajboj

    Tanix TX9S

    Hi @Armin Sry for the late reply but I'm limited to one reply per day. I copied u-boot.sd to u-boot.ext and the box didn't boot with any gxm dtb file. Copied u-boot.usb and tried to boot from a usb port and same result, boot logo comes up and it stays stuck on it :/ In the meantime, I searched further on this forum and found a post where @balbes150 suggested to plug in the hdmi cable after boot. Tried it and it worked! So basically to avoid the blinking screen on my Tanix TX9s I need to boot the box with the hdmi cable unplugged. After say 2s after i turn on the box i need to plug in the hdmi cable and the screen stays on. This process has to be repeated everytime i boot the box. Note that if i wait until the OS fully boots and connect the HDMI cable the blinking screen issue persists. Well this isn't a fix but a mere workaround which temporary solves the problem. For the record, I've booted buster desktop. Sound, ethernet and wifi worked. Video playback on YouTube worked but full screen didn't work. Bluetooth via a dongle worked too where i paired a Bluetooth speaker.
  2. kajboj

    Tanix TX9S

    Hi Armin, I followed the following post The Tanix TX9s is an AML s912 box so i didn't flash uboot. I just flashed the armbian image mentioned in my first post then i edited uEnv.txt to point to the correct dtb file. Finally i booted from the SD card using the toothpick method. Am I missing a uboot step?
  3. kajboj

    Tanix TX9S

    Hi all, I've got a Tanix TX9s on stock android hooked up with a Full HD TV which works just fine. I flashed an SD card with the latest img (Armbian_20.05.4_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.7.0-rc6_20200518.img) and boot it via toothpick method. The system seems to boot fine and I could ssh to it too but there is a problem with the output from the HDMI (or at least that's my opinion). The screen shows the OS booting for say 1s and it goes black (like no signal) and after 2s the screen comes back again, then after 1s the screen goes blank again and comes back again and it keeps going like this forever. Despite the screen going on and off the OS seems to be working. I tried all the gxm dtbs but still same output on the screen. Is there something I can try to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.