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  1. Ketsa

    Orange Pi One Plus

    Why would they not expose USB3 out ? Sad.
  2. Thanks for the answer. Will there be a version with 4.x kernel then ?
  3. Thanks, Could you please also add stretch to the Pine64 ?
  4. Looks like nightly Stretch images aren't building. A new Ubuntu xenial image appeared in And I can't find Stretch images for
  5. Tested latest Nightly for Pine64, results in : [ 64.600944] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 22s! [kworker/0:1:35] [ 64.610233] Call trace: [ 64.613805] Call trace: [ 64.617368] Call trace: etc. Full boot log :
  6. I can test on Orangepi plus 2 and the original Pine64. I'll have a look at the nightlies, Thanks.
  7. Did you guys abandon debian for ubuntu ? It looks like all the newer releases are based on Ubuntu only. I'd like to test Stretch installs.
  8. Greeting, I installed the OrangePI plus image (desktop) on my Orange PI plus2. It seems to work fine but I can't get any video output. I tested with several h3disp settings, with a HDMI to VGA adapter then with an HDMI to DVI adapter, and finally on the A/V port. I have no hdmi screen to test direct connection without adapters. Ideally I would like to use the HDMI to VGA adapter. any ideas ?
  9. I came here with the exact same question, I have an Orange Pi plus2. that's still running some loboris iinstall. I want to switch it to Armbian but can't find wich image to install... Maybe update the download page to clearly state the "Orange Pi plus" image is ok for the plus2 ?