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  1. Hi, I've encountered an annoying problem with my fresh Orange Pi Zero (512MB, H3): After flashing uSD card with Armbian Bionic from https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-zero/ using Etcher and booting successfully 1st time, creating account and shutting down properly, 2nd boot gave gibberish on the serial port: A^@^@�;߽�/�^^@^@��(^@^@@^@+�?^P�x�����[��&�������ٕ��0-9)`W�����b) c~�s��ᥥ thaw-fi|esystems(j)���-+ �back|rac�-all-active-cpus8l) show-memory-usage(m) nice-all-RT-tasks8n9��ݕ�����o���all-timers(q)�unraw8�����ftrace-buffer(� �^\^O^N�0<�<^]���[�<16] sysrq: