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  1. Did you foun solution? I have the same problem while building transmission container with Stacks
  2. I also bought emmc2microsd but there is a problem with small notch on it. My emmc plug in oposite way and than there is no way you can plug microsd anywhere. After a while I forced it in oposide way and was able to erase emmc with PC. There was no chance to stop booting to go to U-boot. It simply does not work.. But I manage to solve this force..
  3. Hi I`m trying to set NAS server (OMV) on nanopi M4v2 with sata HAT and eMMC. I have instaled OMV but it is working realy slow and I want to make another clean install. I`m using Armbian Buster from here I`m tryng now for 4 hours to boot from fresh made SD card but I always end up on eMMC module. If I unplug module I can boot from SD card. I was trying Recovery key and PWR key combination but with no luck What can I try next. Thank you for help!