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  1. I understand now. Thanks. So, if is not a problem, is good. I think I will make a fresh install with Bionic these days and see if is stable enough for my project.
  2. Hi. I run armbian on a opi pc for a while. It works fine for a couple days when I work with this board. After that I left the board unpowered for two weeks or so and when I want to powered it on, it does not boot, I need to reconnect the power again to boot. This was the first time when I encountered a problem, the uptime was wrong, it is shows me 2 weeks, I reboot the board and it was ok after, it stays on and all worked fine for 10 hours until I shut it down. But I had this problem often, doest not want to boot from first time, board freeze after some time and I need to reboot to work properly. Uptime and date/time is correct but when I want to see the status of a service (eg. type systemctl status chronyd) it is showing me that was active for a long time, wich is not true, should be minutes ago, not a day. I dont know why keeps data from the past. I am a beginner with linux. I dont know what is the problem with booting from first time correctly like when I install armbian for first time and my debug skills are zero. I am using a Sandisk Ultra Class 10 64gb , a Rpi 4 official power supply (jumpers to gpio) and has connected an external 480gb ssd (sata to usb case). Sorry for my english.
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