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  1. Hello, I've tried with different PSU, my board can be only powered via USB but anyway, I don't think it's the problem because with Os Jessie my board boot on HDMI.... I succeed to configure my board via serial COM so my topic can be closed. If I find the root cause later I will come back on my post to give the solution. Thanks again. Regards.
  2. Hello, I'm a complete beginner with Armbian and SOC board. I've a bananapi pro board from lemaker and I've installed 6 month ago Raspbian / Jessie and domoticz and all works well until a click unfortunately on update icons of domoticz...and the problems back version of domoticz required buster...image buster not avalaible under raspbian for bananapro.... So I decided to install Armbian/buster_minimal I've serial link on which I can see that board boot correctly. I've installed Armbian-config and the "Default install desktop with browser and extra". I want the board to show information on HDMI output...but no screen. I spent a lot of time on forums, my board is powered with USB from a PC. My monitor is a TV. My Sd card is working well (sandisk A1 16Gb) and the board worked and output data on HDMI with Raspbian/jessie so it seem that the problem doesn't come from hardware. I've also seen on posts that resolution could be the problem, I've change in /boot/armbianEnv.txt: console=display disp_mode=1920*1080p60 to 1280*1024p60 save it and reboot not working... Sorry for my question if it has already been solved or if it is a silly question Someone could help me ? Regards.