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    KenUnix got a reaction from Werner in Newbie NanoPi R1 Questions   
    I have a few questions about the NanoPi R1 system.
    1) The (USB > TTL) debug serial port is that 3.3v or 5v?  I need to get the correct adapter.
    2) Hooking up a serial debug cable is there enough room to close the front plate?
    3) Can the system run from eMMc and get software upgraded from the SD-Card?
    4) I could not not find clear procedures for this.  Am not familiar with OpenWRT.
    5) Can the Ethernet port be used to talk to a P.C. running Windows (putty) or would the micro-USB to P.C. be better?
    6) I would eventually use WiFi for remote access and updates.
    7) Can the NanoPi R1 run Apache WEB server?
    8) Can this run Debian or Ubuntu? If so where would the downloads be found?
    Looks like a fine product. If it works out I may buy several. I do have experience with Linux (several flavors) and the Beaglebone.
    My history goes back to 1974 and Unix from Bell Labs.
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