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  1. My Espressobin v5 with 4.14 reports 800Mhz and I am wondering if is there any progress on making it work at 1G or 1.2Ghz?
  2. I might switch to rpi4(1Gbps + usb 3.0 ethernet adapter) or NanoPi R2S(1Gbp x2 RK3328) or NanoPi NEO3 (1Gbps x1 + Usb3.0 RK3328), or just hEX once I get bored of SBC DIY stuff. Both APUx or Clearfogpro are way above my budget.
  3. Yeah, I noticed it's kind of lame the single RGMII is bottlenecking the forwarding performance. I am using openwrt 19.07 and benchmarking the nat forwarding performance, it turns out for 1Gbps from wan to lan0, the eth0 has 1Gbps traffic on both RX and TX. So the 3 Nics are sharing single a 1Gbps on eth0, which is kind of slow for some use cases. PRC | sys 4.15s | user 0.02s | | | #proc 63 | #trun 2 | #tslpi 34 | #tslpu 0 | #zombie 0 | clones 0 | | | no procacct | CPU | sys 2% | user 0% | irq
  4. The Espresobin wiki says 2 x Gigabit Ethernet 1Gbps / 2.5Gbps SGMII / HS-SGMII / RGMII Does that mean we actually have 2.5Gbps Nic x2? I also find this link But it's saying And there is even an official wiki talking about 2.5Gbps. Anyone has any luck on 2.5Gbps mode?