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  1. Hi Akash, were you able to make AC108 work with All winner H6? I am also trying to do the same ( platform - Android 7.x; kernel-linux-3.10; arch-arm64; chip- sun50iw6p1 ). Can you please share me the driver files and details required.
  2. Details : INFO: chip: sun50iw6p1 INFO: platform: android 7.x INFO: kernel: linux-3.10 INFO: arch: arm64
  3. Hi Jernej, I am also trying to make AC108 to work with All winner H6. Can you please share me the exact patches required to add support for AC108. Can you also please share if any relevant documents are there.
  4. I am also trying to use USB type-c display port of the SOM-RK3399 board(Freindly ELEC), but display side "No HDMI signal from the device" error is shown. Any clue to how to verify?