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  1. Definitely will be keeping an eye on it. For now I am looking at the NanoPI 2RS as a Router. Especially since there is OpenWRT build for it. I am happy with the wifi performance I am just not to happy with how long it takes netgear to patch problems... if ever. https://github.com/jayanta525/openwrt-nanopi-r2s/releases
  2. I have a Neo2. I really like the 40mmx40mm size. I sure hope they keep that form factor. I love these little boards I am running pi-hole on mine and have experimented with a few other things. Would love to buy a handful to experiment with. Honestly would love to see one with wifi and 3.5 mm audio out. it does not have to be the greatest sound just good enough to build a few airplay receivers for the low end speakers I have laying around for full house audio.
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