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  1. yes it is perfectly normal. It will resize itself after you boot into it. Have fun
  2. Okay thanks is it possible to fix it?
  3. These boxes are really nice. After 2 days of compiling 0ad (yes it took that long) I need to allocate more vram as I am getting segmentation fault. I have tried many different things but nothing worked. Is it possible to allocate more ram for the gpu? How?
  4. I'm looking forward for that but can it go higher than 800 Mhz because my ram chip can go up to 933 Mhz
  5. Hello, the RAM seems to have become the bottleneck now. No changes in the dtb makes no difference whatsoever. How do I make it so that I can control the ram?
  6. I just changed clock-latency = <0x9c40> to clock-latency = <0xc350> and it made being able to clock to 1464Mhz possible and it is pretty stable. You can see the performance improvements below Clock Speed 1464Mhz 1200Mhz CPU Blowfish 9.71 11.80 CPU Fibonacci 2.78 3.40 CPU N-Queens 16.60 18.38 FPU FFT 11.65 13.83 FPU Ray Tracing 7.90 9.69 lower is better CPU Z-lib 0.09 0.08 CPU CryptoHash 100.98 81.32
  7. Thank you for enlightening me, I managed to overclock my rk3228a to 1.46Ghz stable and it only needed an adjustment to the clock latency. Now there is a massive improvement in performance 1.2Ghz to 1.46Ghz with the memory clocked to 2133mhz and the gpu to 700mhz and it is pretty stable. I can finally play quake 3 very smoothly. Thanks a lot
  8. Is it possible to overclock these boxes? I've tried modifying the dtb but it seems that nothing works? It can go to ~1.4Ghz just fine but anything beyond that gets "ignored" I was hoping that I could go to 1.5Ghz but it seems that something is holding me back at 1.4Ghz it is not unstable or anything but if it would be possible to remove the "restriction" I would be really happy. I am using Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_desktop
  9. Hello! I have X88PRO-S905X3-D4-V1.0. I used meson-sm1-sei610.dtb and the ethernet does not work. I tried using the eth fix dtb and tried making a script that makes the auto negotiation off on startup and the ethernet still does not work. Please help