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  1. I checked and found HDMI Driver having some issue in kernel version 5.4.51(trunk), which got resolved in the later release. Now, i migrated to the latest one and having working HDMI. Thank You @Werner for your support ! Sorry for bothering you guys again - I have one more query, related to root file system, I am using ubuntu bionic (18.04) root file system. Installed quagga version 1.2.4_1, It has some bug in this release later they fix this bug and release a latest version i.e 1.2.4_8. Here my question is, how i update this package to the latest one in
  2. Thank You again !, I got your point here and its really very informative. Now i will change my approach and first i try to reproduce the same issue with the official image if its worked fine then dip and dive to the customization one Regards, Suvhm
  3. Thank You !, will use official image but how can i made some changes in root file system ? As of now, i pulled the source from armbian git repo and built it manually and made the required changes "" Is there a way to make these file system changes in the official image ? Appreciate your support ! Warm Regards, Suvhm
  4. Thanks @Wernerfor your prompt reply, so shall i go with the latest one i.e - v20.05 ? Regrads, Suvhm
  5. Hello, I've a olimex lime2 rev.K board and i installed Armbian 20.08.0-trunk (Bionic-minimal) which is having ... Kernel Version : 5.4.51-sunxi (branch -> next ) u-boot : v2020.04 I've serial console on which I can see that board boot correctly. I want the board to show information and login prompt on HDMI output...but HDMI losses on boot when kernel loads, Part way through Kernel load looses monitor sync signal and monitor goes blank. Can sometimes get back for short period (5-10 seconds) if unplug/plug HDMI cable but still looses sync a
  6. Thanks Igro for your prompt respond and sorry for delay in my side. Actually i have decided to change the base code and update the ubuntu version from xenial to bionic, similarly for kernel and uboot version . Now i had pulled the latest armbian SD-card image that works for me, but when i tried to port my application i found GPIO 67 is showing that device is already busy. I had used GPIO 67 in my application for rev.G board it was working fine, but when i try to port the same application on latest revision of board(rev.L) it through an error that device is busy. Steps :
  7. Hello Team, I am worked on Olimex Lime2 rev.G2 board but now olimex start delivering Rev.K board. I used the same Armbian Rev 5.35 image which is having kernel version (4.13.16-sunxi) & u-boot version v2017.09. On Rev.G2 Ethernet speed was as expected but in rev.K it is not working. By default board booted and comes with ethernet speed 100Mbps, but in this case Ethernet is not working (DHCP server unable to assign ipv4 address to eth0). Later i reduce the eth0 speed to 10Mbps it start working as expected but spped is 10Mbps Some more info about the