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  1. Any idea how I could benchmark that? Ideally without needing 4 external USB hard drives... or 4 host-to-host USB cables and connecting to other computers. Thanks
  2. Thanks - I'm writing a separate article benchmarking the different boards/clusters, so I'll definitely mention those details about shared USB/ethernet vs. separate. And USB-to-SATA
  3. Many thanks for the useful feedback I've just updated my article with a note about powering things from the GPIO pins. I'll run that test on my NanoPC-T3s and post my results.
  4. I've just written an article about my latest cluster build - a 5-node cluster using the Orange Pi Plus2E single board computers - each with 4-core ARM A7 running at 1.3GHz http://climbers.net/sbc/orange-pi-plus-2e-cluster/ Please share the link on Facebook/Twitter/etc if you find it interesting. Thanks
  5. Still getting errors, even with a 128MB swap file. Just tried linpack with settings that use around 1100MB of RAM, and I got these 5 errors from 5 *different* Plus2E boards. None were overheating. Do you think it could be a kernel bug, or perhaps running the memory too fast? Is there a tool I can use to check all 2GB of the Plus2E memory? [orangepiplus2e:02404] *** Process received signal *** [orangepiplus2e:02404] Signal: Segmentation fault (11) [orangepiplus2e:02404] Signal code: Address not mapped (1) [orangepiplus2e:02404] Failing at address: 0xc [orangepiplus2e:02404] *** End of error message *** [orangepiplus2e:02615] *** Process received signal *** [orangepiplus2e:02615] Signal: Segmentation fault (11) [orangepiplus2e:02615] Signal code: Address not mapped (1) [orangepiplus2e:02615] Failing at address: 0xeddee65c [orangepiplus2e:02615] *** End of error message *** [orangepiplus2e:02329] *** Process received signal *** [orangepiplus2e:02329] Signal: Bus error (7) [orangepiplus2e:02329] Signal code: Invalid address alignment (1) [orangepiplus2e:02329] Failing at address: 0xa014b64a [orangepiplus2e:02329] *** End of error message *** [orangepiplus2e:02326] *** Process received signal *** [orangepiplus2e:02326] Signal: Segmentation fault (11) [orangepiplus2e:02326] Signal code: Address not mapped (1) [orangepiplus2e:02326] Failing at address: 0x41bb9110 [orangepiplus2e:02326] *** End of error message *** mpirun noticed that process rank 2 with PID 2353 on node orangepiplus2e exited on signal 4 (Illegal instruction).
  6. Increasing the swap to 128MB hasn't helped - memtester is still being killed off with "out of memory"
  7. I don't like fans either, especially the noisy ones and I really appreciate the work you've done to get some sensible, energy-efficient settings with Armbian. But I was still curious about whether the boards would really run at their advertised max speed, and how much cooling that would require.
  8. This is with standard Armbian Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.112-sun8i at the stock 1.296GHz CPU speed, and there is a fan+heatsink to stop overheating. I've disabled swap. # memtester 239 5 is OK, while # memtester 240 5 crashes out almost immediately: [10933.657662] Out of memory: Kill process 17061 (memtester) score 89 or sacrifice child [10933.657673] Killed process 17061 (memtester) total-vm:246992kB, anon-rss:245380kB, file-rss:28kB If I enable a small 32MB swap file, memtester seems to work fine up to 1200MB (still 750MB reported free, and no swap used) and crashes out for any larger values?? I'm getting the same out of memory problems trying to run the hpcc (Linpack) benchmark - very small values of N work, but anything larger gets killed with out of memory. I never got these errors using Raspbian/Debian Jessie 8.4 on the Raspberry Pi Zero/3 or NanoPC-T3 boards (all with swap disabled). Any suggestions much appreciated! Thanks
  9. Thanks, I had, but managed to miss it out in my post... (now edited to include it).
  10. Firstly many thanks to all the hard work from the Armbian developers - it installed onto the eMMC of my new Orange Pi Plus2E first time with no problems I'm trying to benchmark the board (with a fan/heatsink) and without. The standard Armbian runs it at a maximum of 1.296GHz but I'd like to run it faster. I'm new to using fex, but this appears to push it up to 1.536GHz with a Vdd of 1.5V: cd bin2fex /boot/bin/orangepiplus2e.bin orangepiplus2e.heatsink.fex sed -i "s/1296000/1536000/g; s/1320/1500/" orangepiplus2e.heatsink.fex cp /etc/default/cpufrequtils /etc/default/cpufrequtils~ sed -i "s/1296000/1536000/" /etc/default/cpufrequtils fex2bin orangepiplus2e.heatsink.fex /boot/bin/orangepiplus2e.heatsink.bin mv /boot/script.bin /boot/script.bin~ ln -s /boot/bin/orangepiplus2e.heatsink.bin /boot/script.bin reboot have I missed anything? Is it possible to run it at the 1.6GHz that the board is advertised at? Many thanks
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