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  1. Any idea how I could benchmark that? Ideally without needing 4 external USB hard drives... or 4 host-to-host USB cables and connecting to other computers. Thanks
  2. Thanks - I'm writing a separate article benchmarking the different boards/clusters, so I'll definitely mention those details about shared USB/ethernet vs. separate. And USB-to-SATA
  3. Many thanks for the useful feedback I've just updated my article with a note about powering things from the GPIO pins. I'll run that test on my NanoPC-T3s and post my results.
  4. I've just written an article about my latest cluster build - a 5-node cluster using the Orange Pi Plus2E single board computers - each with 4-core ARM A7 running at 1.3GHz Please share the link on Facebook/Twitter/etc if you find it interesting. Thanks
  5. Still getting errors, even with a 128MB swap file. Just tried linpack with settings that use around 1100MB of RAM, and I got these 5 errors from 5 *different* Plus2E boards. None were overheating. Do you think it could be a kernel bug, or perhaps running the memory too fast? Is there a tool I can use to check all 2GB of the Plus2E memory? [orangepiplus2e:02404] *** Process received signal *** [orangepiplus2e:02404] Signal: Segmentation fault (11) [orangepiplus2e:02404] Signal code: Address not mapped (1) [orangepiplus2e:02404] Failing at address: 0xc [orangepiplus2e:02404] *** End of err
  6. No, no desktop here. Logging into a shell via ssh.
  7. Increasing the swap to 128MB hasn't helped - memtester is still being killed off with "out of memory"
  8. I don't like fans either, especially the noisy ones and I really appreciate the work you've done to get some sensible, energy-efficient settings with Armbian. But I was still curious about whether the boards would really run at their advertised max speed, and how much cooling that would require.
  9. Fantastic - many thanks for the help! I'll give that a go.
  10. This is with standard Armbian Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.112-sun8i at the stock 1.296GHz CPU speed, and there is a fan+heatsink to stop overheating. I've disabled swap. # memtester 239 5 is OK, while # memtester 240 5 crashes out almost immediately: [10933.657662] Out of memory: Kill process 17061 (memtester) score 89 or sacrifice child [10933.657673] Killed process 17061 (memtester) total-vm:246992kB, anon-rss:245380kB, file-rss:28kB If I enable a small 32MB swap file, memtester seems to work fine up to 1200MB (still 750MB reported free, and no swap used) and crashes out for an
  11. Thanks, I had, but managed to miss it out in my post... (now edited to include it).
  12. Firstly many thanks to all the hard work from the Armbian developers - it installed onto the eMMC of my new Orange Pi Plus2E first time with no problems I'm trying to benchmark the board (with a fan/heatsink) and without. The standard Armbian runs it at a maximum of 1.296GHz but I'd like to run it faster. I'm new to using fex, but this appears to push it up to 1.536GHz with a Vdd of 1.5V: cd bin2fex /boot/bin/orangepiplus2e.bin orangepiplus2e.heatsink.fex sed -i "s/1296000/1536000/g; s/1320/1500/" orangepiplus2e.heatsink.fex cp /etc/default/cpufrequtils /etc/default/cpufrequtils~ sed -i