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  1. Are you questioning the Frequency numbers of Temperature? I don't care whether the temperature is 80 or 50 but I do clearly see throttling and this is what I care about
  2. The holes helped. I placed it next to the switch where it gets cooled by the switch fan. Ran some wireguard benchmarks, the cpu load in percentage is roughly equals Mbyte/s throughput. The default CPU_GOVERNOR is on_demand I beleive I also noticed the thermal pad is maybe too thin, but there is no gap as I can see
  3. Drilled holes in the case to help cooling it
  4. Received my SBC today, installed armbian and run quick tests Runs very hot (in stock yellow case). Throttles under load and can not run at full 1500Mhz Below results on armbian measured with armbianmonitor -m power measured from the wall 71C / 2.5W / 600Mhz idle 85C / 3.7W / 1000Mhz under load (stress -c 4) I also tested without case and results are better but still it throttles under full load. Ambient temperature was about 25C Is this just me and my unit has faulty heatsink or you also observe similar results? Any ideas on how to fix this? I see there is a fan header on the board but no fan installed, just the heatsink, but I think the better solution would be to use a metal case that acts as a heatsink. (like Flirc for raspberry pi)
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