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  1. Hi I simple want to upgrade from 17xxx to 18xx LE/Kodi, 1, I need the tar file I have always used this option in the past which i find to be easy and 2, which of your 18xx build can be consider stable 3, link to the directory or location. Thanks most appreciated
  2. Hi Balbes, Always thanks for the build, it is reassuring of your dedication to the LE after several years of continuous supports I wonder if you can assist with how to upgrade to the new build since it has been a long time since I upgrade and a lot have changed as was reading your threads in this forum, LE and FreakTab. My Box is Tronsmart 905s Meta LE build is one of yours CPU AArch64 Processor rev 4 (aarch64) Build: Kodi 17.6 Git:a9a&a20 Compiled: Jan 24 2018 Appreciate if you provide a simple guide to follow to Thanks again.
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