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  1. I'm trying to make working 3.5" 320*480 TFT SPI display with touch screen on NanoPi K1 Plus with Armbian 20.05.2 (kernel 5.4.43). For now it works, but the touchscreen has issues. In empty `startx` session cursor works for few minutes and then hangs, restarting `startx` make it working again for a while. If I try to run x session with chrome, the cursor hangs immediately. openbox-session & chromium --no-first-run --disable --disable-translate --disable-infobars --disable-suggestions-service --disable-save-password-bubble --start-maximized --kiosk --disable-session-crashed-bubble Any ideas how to fix it? Screen image Configuration steps: 1. Enable 2 spi 2. Screen and touchpanel dts, based on 3. Install software apt-get install xserver-xorg xorg xserver-xorg-legacy xinit xinput openbox chromium