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  1. Is it just me or is the SolidRun software support really messed up? https://developer.solid-run.com/knowledge-base/i-mx8m-atf-u-boot-and-linux-kernel/ 1. They're using an old u-boot release (v2018.11-solidrun, there were another 6 new official u-boot releases since then) and when you browse to SolidRun's github you'll find another version (v2018.11-solidrun-1gb, I guess that's for the 1gb RAM version of the board?!). All SolidRun u-boot branches are abandoned (last commit 1y ago...) Also they didn't seem to make any afford to bring the Hummingboard Pulse code into the official u-boot repo (https://github.com/SolidRun/u-boot/tree/v2018.11-solidrun-1gb/board/solidrun/imx8mq_hb vs. https://gitlab.denx.de/u-boot/u-boot/-/tree/master/board/solidrun; heck it's not even in the iMX custodian repo https://gitlab.denx.de/u-boot/custodians/u-boot-imx/-/tree/master/board/solidrun) 2. You need to use firmware blobs from NXP (developer KB above uses firmware 7.9; NXP is at version 8.7 right now) which have no official website/no changelog/no explanation what the h* they're doing/why you need them 3. Linux Kernel... oh boy, this is a mess. Again developer KB above will give you solidrun-imx_4.9.x_1.0.0_ga (last update 2 years ago). But the Debian images they provide ship with kernel 4.19 (I guess it's from linux-4.19.y-nxp; last commit 9 month ago, so you're stuck with version 4.19.72 forever it seems). Then there's a lone SolidRun employee playing with kernel 5.4 (no updates again, you're stuck with 5.4.3 forever) Well screw them you say, I'll just use vanilla, after all they added support for the Hummingboard Pulse in 5.4 but no! They did this half-assed because your board will boot with just the Intel ethernet interface working (compare 5.8-rc1 fec_main.c with Freescale 5.4-2.0.x-imx fec_main.c); all the imx8mq-fec stuff is still missing in vanilla kernel) All I wanted was a ARM board with 2 Ethernet ports...
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