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  1. I've connected to a 10/100M switch, and now it works. Connected to a 1G switch, it doesn't. Could that be something related to the regulators, also? Thanks, Francisco
  2. Thank you all for your answers and tips! The wi-fi works as expected, there is no external network restriction, I plug several devices to the same ethernet port (one at a time, of course). I'll try the serial console messages next. Regarding the "armbianmonitor -U", here's the result: I'll try the serial console next. Thanks again, Francisco
  3. Hi! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but... I just bought 10 Orange Pi 3 and none has a regular functioning ethernet. The LEDs go on as expected, the graphic network setup tool shows a DHCP address for a second (or even less) then it goes away, along with the LEDs. After a few seconds, the cycle comes on again and again. Do I have a bad lot? I've tried almost all available images, including the android that came in the ESSD memory, they all had the same behaviour. Thanks! Francisco