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  1. Got it. $ nmcli d wifi connect YOUR_SSID password YOUR_PASSWORD Love it. Thank you so much lanefu 😊😊
  2. Hi lanefu, Can nmcli connect to a network from scratch? If so, how? Or does nmcli just report the status of Network Manager? It seems to be pretty basic. Peter
  3. Hi the only thing we would need to do is configure WiFi via the command line, as we can't do it using armbian-config. Creating a wpa_supplicant.conf file with a relevant ssid and psk didn't work, and if I purge network-manager all networking is lost including ethernet. What would be the correct method to configure Wifi via the command line on an Orange Pi Zero (the latest Armbian Buster, kernel 5.8.4) Peter
  4. For what its worth, I've been streaming a 320kbps internet radio station continuously on an Orange Pi Zero running Armbian Buster (kernel 5.8.5) for about a month and it literally never misses a beat. So my personal experience is that neither the XR819 hardware nor the driver version that Armbian is currently using in 5.8.5 are intrinsically flawed. It is for this reason I'd love to see support for the XR819 finally make it into mainline. I am planning to use Orange Pi Zero in a significant project, and the somewhat unresolved formal status of the XR819 driver is the only fly in w
  5. Congratulations and thanks to dbeinder (yoq) and fifteenhex for their patience and good work on the XR819 driver. What do we need to do to get the XR819 driver finally adopted into the mainline kernel? Excuse my ignorance, and if this is a naive question! I'm keen on using the Orange Pi Zero for a fairly substantial project. I had this from Xunlong about an alternative wifi chip with the same footprint: "We dont have plan to use alternative wifi chip for this model and have no idea on this. BR. Steven" I'd love to see the XR819 driver i
  6. Hi, I have a friend who is blind and cannot use the standard ncurses armbian-config gui. Is there a way to switch to a simple text version, and if not what are the chances of a text version option in the near future? ?Peter
  7. Armbian Buster for Orange Pi Zero (kernel 5.4.45) is using an old version of gpsd which doesn't yet support ubxtool Armbian Focal does not have this problem Can Armbian Buster have a newer version of gpsd and gpsd-clients to support ubxtool Thank you
  8. Martin is a genius. Is there ANYTHING he doesn't know about SBC's......................