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  1. Hi i'm looking for the older images for the amlogix s905 boards hence the board I have has a very old version of uBOOT AND THE 5.XX Kernals don't work. If anyone can upload the older version or send them that would be great. Many Thanks
  2. Hi, I've been trying to find a cheap and effective tv box to run armbian on the eMMc. I've had a bit of bad luck, I bought the new sunvell r69 H3, and unfortunately it doesn't even have an eMMc it had NAND, which is basically impossible to run linux on let alone the lack of support for the H3 ( all the support is on the H2). Next I bought the TX3-mini-p (1g/8g) and that was also a nightmare, the armbian 5. and 4 kernals would not run on it. Only the 3 kernal would run from the sd card but when I tried to dd the os to the eMMc it bricked the board because the uBoot is very old. My only requirement is a tv box that has eMMC. If anyone knows a tv box that is cheap and has eMMc and has armbian images that run on it please reccomend to me.
  3. Found a solution for my needs, anyone interested on how to do it see here: https://medium.com/@micaelillos/flash-to-emmc-automation-ce69663ec863
  4. Hi, I had the exact same Issue: See: https://medium.com/@micaelillos/flash-to-emmc-automation-ce69663ec863 Explains the rundown of how to do such a thing.
  5. Thank you. I'm going to try that and keep this thread updated if i manage.
  6. On a few. And then I will ssh into each one individually. My goal is to be able to burn straight to the eMMc without ssh or use of a monitor. The problem with that is that I want an already setup linux OS on the board. If I just burn an img file then when I boot from the eMMc it will require setup. And I have my own application on the sd card and I want to clone it with the OS. Rockwell has tools that let me burn straight to the eMMc? Could you elaborate on which commands? Thanks for all the replies
  7. HI I’ve looked through the whole internet looking on how to burn to eMMc without any external help (monitor or ssh). I want to put an sd card in for it to burn to the emmc automatically. I thought of adding a script in the local or in the /etc/init.d that goes like this: sudo dd if= of … and then when it boots from the sd card it will clone its contents to the emmc. Any help on how someone goes about doing this woud be great.
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