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  1. @Rajesh - regarding your temperature issue on the tx6: this is a general problem for most (if not all) h6 tv boxes as they do not seem to have any proper voltage control over the cpu (at least none useable with the mainline kernel - they are missing the usual axp805 pmic which is supported by the kernel) so they run at the same (high) voltage for all frequencies which limits the thermal savings by lowering the cpu freq (usually the voltage goes down in parallel too which reduces temperature way more) ... so in the end the only option you have on a h6 tv box if you want to put real load onto it is to cool it properly, i.e. a fan is required or a really huge heat sink (although in my tests a fan is definitely required if you have constant high load as then the heat sink simply warms up over time independent of how big it is as long as its not extremely big) best wishes - hexdump
  2. the legacy u-boot in those boxes is usually allocating away quite a bit of memory which you'll have to live with or your can try chainloading a mainline u-boot (which is what the u-boot.ext display hack is doing - on boxes where this is used there should be more memory available on average i guess) best wishes - hexdump
  3. @Rajesh - regarding the display: this might be a good start for research (it might work or not work in a similar way and there are some other vfd drivers in github too to play around with) good luck - hexdump update: another link with useful info regarding those display drivers: http://www.rvq.fr/linux/tanix-vfd.php (the page is in french)
  4. @Ruediger - do you really see 4gb ram? i'm asking as the allwinner h6 can only properly address up to 3gb, so usally all 4gb h6 boxes only have 3gb useable in reality ... regarding wlan i cannot say much, but there seem to be different versions of the tx6 out with different wlan chips - https://linux-sunxi.org/Tanix_TX6
  5. the hdmi support on the amlogic s8xx socs is still in its very early stages, so things like this might happen - maybe @balbes150 has some more details or ideas?
  6. you might have a look at https://github.com/mripard/sunxi-mali for the legacy mali blob solution on mainline or at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/lima/web/blob/master/README.md for the future ready open source mali/mesa gpu driver which is included in the latest mainline kernels and mesa releases and works already well for some things but not for all yet ... but do not expect any wonders on this hardware, especially running on x11 ...
  7. it is sometimes not shown if you have a too small screen - for instance i have this on my thinkpad x61s with its 1024x768 screen - which is my everyday machine ... what helped was to zoom out in firefox (something like 80%) for posting in that case ...
  8. @hikmat - you'll have to build your own kernel and apply the patch from maybe @balbes150 can include it into his arm64 kernel (in case he does not have it included yet) - did you try to boot any of his arm64 images? best wishes - hexdump
  9. @RMG - i think this is the wrong thread for this question as those boxes have a rk3328 and no rk3288 ... technically it is possible but it is very far from easy as you have to build a custom u-boot and write it in a complicated way (as you only write part of it) using the rockchip tool via usb to emmc and even then it is not guaranteed to work - at least i have a h96 max h2 which is now booting following the extlinux.conf file from either usb and sd card but it was a long journey to get there ... i have it on my todo list to document this procedure, but i'm not sure when i'll find the time for this ...
  10. @s812us - i think "apt-get install build-essential" should give you all you need and if still something is missing, the error messages should tell you what
  11. @Nuno Cruz - i just found an old note from me regarding this box: "serial port might be the three test points next to each other with two resistors - yes it is :)" - maybe it helps you finding the serial port - i do not have mine here right now ... in order to get anything going it is required to get it recognized by the rkdeveloptool again ... iirc there were even two test points on the backside of or near the emmc chip to put it into maskrom mode (i think one of them had to be grounded, but i might be wrong) good luck - hexdump
  12. i think @balbes150 was experimenting with usb booting on the h6 iirc - so maybe he would be interested ...
  13. @s812us - you might have a look at this dts file: https://github.com/hexdump0815/linux-mainline-and-mali-amlogic-kernel/blob/master/misc.m8x/dtb/meson8m2-m8s-dvfs.dts - it is basically an m8s dts with frequency scaling added - the one in the kernel tree only has this one fixed frequency of 1.2ghz ... the dts is for v5.6 - for the latest kernel from martin (which balbes150 is using for his images i think) you may try https://github.com/hexdump0815/linux-mainline-meson8-kernel/blob/master/misc.m8x/dtb/meson8m2-m8s-dvfs.dts - in both repos you can also find a file called readme.m8x which should give you enough information about how to compile a kernel (you might just need to adjust some paths maybe) good luck and best wishes - hexdump
  14. @Beppe - there seem to be boxes which are configured in a way that they simply do not boot from sd card at all and i guess yours is one of them ... it is technically possible to get them working by building a special second stage u-boot which then boots from sd/usb and write it to the right position on emmc, but this is far from trivial and often needs to be adjusted for each box (i did it for a h96max rk3328 h2 which also does not boot from sd by default) - as a result i would recommend you to get another box if that is an option for you and better avoid rk3318 at all as those are really lowest end tv boxes and not really easy to deal with ... good luck and best wishes - hexdump
  15. looks to me like it initialized properly but only has 2pp cores instead of 4 defined in the dtb maybe?