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  1. @Tarzanus - my dtb is for mainline kernel, i.e. 5.4 or newer - the most rockchip images are based on the rockchip 4.4 kernel - then you most probably just have to add the reserved memory section to the dtb there @caruso - sorry, i did not look at the ir remote yet and its actually very low on my prio list
  2. update: i think i have found another problem - as we are using the trust.img we have to unmap the trust memory area from the kernel, otherwise it will panic whenever it will try to access memory in that region. this can be done with a reserved memory region in the dtb: /* seems to be required to not touch the trust area - see: - https://forum.manjaro.org/t/rockpro64-kernel-panics-caused-by-firmware/117900 - https://lore.kernel.org/linux-arm-kernel/006d3ee0-2711-1b4e-d8cf-6a226fcad0e4@arm.com/ */ reserved-memory { #address-cells = <2>; #size-cells = <2>; ranges; tee@0x8400000 { reg = <0x0 0x8400000 0x0 0x2400000>; no-map; }; }; after this the box finally seems to run completely stable now (this might be of interest for @caruso and @Tarzanus too most probably). attached are updated mainline dts/dtb files with this inside (beware, those files is for mainline and not the 4.4 rockchip kernel). @Amoren - better wait a bit before using all this stuff as it is still quite a bit in the move. best wishes - hexdump rk3318-h96max.dts rk3318-h96max.dtb
  3. my latest u-boot version for my rk3318 box was not completely stable in the end - attached is a new one using the lpddr3-666 ram timing instead of the ddr3-666 timing and it seems to be stable now ... the files are: 5.4.7-stb-rkc.tar.gz - precompiled kernel with an attitional kernel option stmmac.macaddr=aa:bb:cc:11:22:33 to set the ethernet mac (u-boot does not support ethernet as the support for the internal phy seems to be missing for rk3328), uboot-rk3318-h96max.img - u-boot image - see my postings from above for how to write it to the sd card, dtb/dts - mainline dtb/dts for the rk3318 board (cpu clocks up to 1.1 ghz), diff/added - my changes to mainline u-boot for the uboot-rk3318-h96max.img best wishes - hexdump 5.4.7-stb-rkc+.tar.gz uboot-rk3318-h96max.img rk3318-h96max.dtb rk3318-h96max.dts u-boot-rk3318-h96max.diff u-boot-rk3318-h96max-added.tar.gz gen-stmmac-mac-addr-on-kernel-cmdline-v5.3.patch
  4. @jernej - just tested your latest patch: sadly no change - the value at 0x3006100 is 0x7 for both mainline u-boot and also for the libdram version ...
  5. @jernej - would it make sense to play around with lowering this frequency even further? update: but this one was semi working too and seemed to have the higher frequency:
  6. @jernej - interesting - i'm not aware of having changed anything - what would result in such a change, i.e. what kind of change would explain it? can only be that during testing i mixed up some defconfig files (i might have lowered the frequency set in there once for testing to 648mhz, which i think the android or libdram showed as frequency - i think it was something like 660mhz before), but as said i'm not really aware of having done anything like this ...
  7. searching on google for "odroid n2 download" brings it up immediately (same for khadas vim3): https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-n2/os_images/ubuntu https://docs.khadas.com/vim3/FirmwareUbuntu.html
  8. for testing you might start with the native odroid and khadas images to see if something works at all without having to invest too much effort and if that is the case you might look into building armbian with it ...
  9. @amirul - one thing you might try is to boot an 4.9 bsp kernel based linux image (from the odroid n2 or khadas vim3) with the dtb from the box and see how far you get and if usb is working there ... this would at least be some basic check if usb is working in any setup ...
  10. sorry, that was i typo - i ment the rk3328 u-boot (corrected meanwhile) ... yes i think it is not needed, but my u-boot is just the u-boot part and not the idbloader part, so i suggested to write the rk3328 u-boot before to have that on sd as well although it seems to be ignored as the box seems to boot the first stage from emmc ...
  11. @balbes150 - i think this depends on the actual box
  12. in case anyone wants to give my self built u-boot a try with his rk3318 box, it is attached here. just download it and also get the trust.img from: then image the rk-aml-aw image from here to an sd-card, add the rockchip rk3328 u-boot for it like described at the bottom of the first post there (most probably this step is not really required, as the relevant part will be overwritten soon, but it can't be wrong). then add and reference the attached rk3318-t9-mainline.dtb (because those images are built based on mainline and not the rockchip 4.4 kernel). now run the following commands: dd if=uboot-rk3318.img of=/dev/yoursdcard seek=16384 dd if=trust.img of=/dev/yoursdcard seek=24576 and try to boot that sd card - might be interesting for @Tarzanus, maybe for others too ... good luck and best wishes - hexdump uboot-rk3318.img rk3318-t9-mainline.dtb
  13. in case anyone (maybe @kalikopfnuss maybe others too) wants to give this approach a try on such a box or maybe even on other not yet working allwinner h6 boxes - just get the latest rk aml aw image from @balbes150 from here: und use the attached file as u-boot written via: dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl-h6-noname.bin of=/dev/yoursdcarddevice bs=1024 seek=8 be aware that at least with my box it will reset for a while (even a few minutes) before it actually boots, but so far it always booted at some point in time good luck and best wishes - hexdump u-boot-sunxi-with-spl-h6-noname.bin
  14. @martos - i'll let you know when i have something to test ...
  15. @martos - also a little update regarding those rk3328 boxes, which do not natively boot from sd card: with all i have learned now about the rockchip boot process and u-boot stages while getting my rk3318 box running i might be able to provide you with a u-boot you could flash with the rockchip tools to the emmc and which then would check for an sd-card or maybe even usb device and boot that first if there is any - i think this would be as far as we could get with those boxes ... it will take a few days until i get to this, but stay tuned best wishes - hexdump