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  1. @Gunjan Gupta - there was some effort to adjust an existing mainline driver to support xr819 as well two years ago or so - it started about here: https://oftc.irclog.whitequark.org/linux-sunxi/2021-06-22#30028495 and then moved on over the next days etc. - seaching for cw1200 seems to bring up more - maybe it might be more useful to look into this direction instead of bsp sources ... maybe it is interesting/helpful to read through that a bit update: this seems to be some tree with the changes discussed on irc back then: https://github.com/jernejsk/linux-1/commits/h616-test best wishes - hexdump
  2. @jock - that not booting with a clean emmc reminds me a bit on the rk3328 box i have which has the sd card connected to the wrong mmc port and thus cannot boot from sd card - it works with a workaround to install some special u-boot in emmc which then boots from sd card via extlinux.conf or boot.scr ... can it be that those rk3528 boxes are similar?
  3. ok - typical tv box hardware then - you never know what you really get
  4. you never know what you really get with tv box hardware, but the q+ so far was allwinner h6 and not h616, so maybe you are trying the image for the wrong soc in the end. also there is no need to press the button inside the av port - allwinner devices boot by default from sd card, so just write the image to an sd card, insert it and power on the box and then it should either boot (if everything is fine) or not (if not) ... good luck
  5. there is no open source support for rk3528 there yet, so no chance to get anything working - warpme has started to work on it for the minimyth2 project, but even that is in very early stages and i think still very far to be really useable ... so no way to run armbian or linux on such boxes currently ...
  6. @adrian0541 - s905x3 is sm1, s905x2 is g12a, s905x is gxl and so on ...
  7. i think "ipv6.disable=1" added to the kernel cmdline should work
  8. not sure if it is related, but there was something similar in the past - see:
  9. @Lavacat - that sounds like the x7(5G) box i have here ... the 12v power supply seems to work, but i'm not sure how healthy it is over time - it might be better to get a 5v/2a as usual if easily possible ... also do not expect the audio of the box to work well with linux as it seems to be somewhat broken as well for those boxes the s905l2 is - as far as i found out - a s905w with parts of the gpu disabled and if that is not taken care of the kernel will panic at boot - this was my ugly hack to make it work: https://github.com/hexdump0815/linux-mainline-and-mali-generic-stable-kernel/blob/master/misc.av8/dtb/meson-gxl-s905l2-x7-5g.dts not sure if @SteeMan might want to add something like this to his armbian builds as well? best wishes and good luck - hexdump
  10. @sfx2000 - you might have a look at this: https://github.com/hexdump0815/imagebuilder/issues/130#issuecomment-1453574856 - this is about getting another rk3288 chromebox booting - from there you can maybe see what needs to be added to armbian to get it supported there as well best wishes - hexdump
  11. @Z11ntal33r - do you maybe run your odroid n2 with cpu overclocking? this can sometimes result in such random errors - otherwise maybe try to lower the max cpu freq via /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq to check if it runs more stable in such a case.
  12. @Slash402 - it is not uncomming for chinese android tv boxes to have fake specs - one cannot really trust anything, from ram to emmc sizes, emmc vs. nand and even sometimes a different soc is inside than what is printed on the box
  13. @stut - here i wrote down quite a bit of information about how to build mainline u-boot for amlogic s905x/w devices - see: https://github.com/hexdump0815/u-boot-misc/blob/master/readme.gxl - you might try the ones i built (see the july 18 2020 releases of that github repo) - gunzip all the files with boot-amlogic_gxl_*.gz and then dd them to an sd card and try to boot them one by one with serial console and a hdmi monitor connected (some have serial console and some hdmi) - if you are lucky one of them maybe gives you a working mainline u-boot you can boot from sd card good luck and best wishes - hexdump
  14. i think the arm version of the surface pro 9 is close to the devkit - surface pro x is an older design using a snapdragon 8cx gen2 (i think) and not the gen3 the devkit is using and which is a very different soc
  15. @hartraft - there are two kernel options for mglru: CONFIG_LRU_GEN=y and CONFIG_LRU_GEN_ENABLED=y - the first is to have mglru built into the kernel and the second is to have it enabled by default - if they are not in your kernel config it might be required to rebuild the kernel with them (or at least the first) enabled
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