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  1. maybe that helps, but running this board at only 1 ghz sounds a bit strange
  2. maybe @jock has an idea? - i think he is quite familiar with the rk3228 boot
  3. @rna - this is the thread for rk3228/rk3229 boxes btw.:
  4. @odin - maybe the hdmi part is not yet working well enough on s912 - i'll build a non hdmi version for you during the next days ... serial log looks good, from that point on the serial console is disabled, so nothing more to see ...
  5. @jock - i think so far i asked you way more questions already than you me, so that is no problem at all i have it working quite well for s905 (gxbb) and s905x/w/l (gxl) with the mentioned limitation that i had to disable the serial console to make it reliable (otherwise it was sometimes hanging in the boot prompt if the serial console was not connected) ... i think @balbes150 is partially using it chainloaded as well for some of his images and it seems to work i guess ... just give it a try if you know what you are doing (which i think you know) and know the maskrom mode pin of yo
  6. as i'm currently working on mainline u-boot for amlogic tv boxes you might give this one a try: https://github.com/hexdump0815/u-boot-misc/releases/download/200926-01/boot-amlogic_gxm-aarch64-nexbox-a1.dd.gz (please gunzip it first) - you can write it with dd if=boot-amlogic_gxm-aarch64-nexbox-a1.dd of=/dev/your-sd-card bs=512 seek=1 skip=1 status=progress ... it is a bit special as it is using hdmi output and usb kbd input and disables the serial console (as otherwise it migth give noise on the cmdline) ... and it is untested (i have tested a similar u-boot in an a bit different context), but
  7. amlogic should boot automatically from sd card if there is no proper boot block on emmc ... but maybe first try to solder a serial console to your board to check if emmc is really dead - it could also be that the u-boot and boot blocks around it are simply corrupted ...
  8. i think the best you can do is trying to connect a serial console to it - then you'll see for sure if it still gives signs of life from it or not and what you get then might help you to find possible options to recover it if recovery is still possible ... a dead emmc might result in the behaviour you describe: as the balbes images use the legacy u-boot on emmc on the box for booting on amlogic and a broken or dead emmc might result in nothing happening when turning on the box, but of course it can also be completely dead or just something trivially corrupted.
  9. @chess12 - what did you do different in the end so that it worked?
  10. what is the big problem with the spi flash? if you flash a chainloaded u-boot instead of the chromeos kernel it can be used just normally using that mainline u-boot using regular gpt partitions etc. ... another reason might the the blob character of the early boot stages, but i would say half of the armbian supported systems need some kind of blob (scp firmware, memory initialization etc.) for booting best wishes - hexdump
  11. btw. how about a wayland compositor and xwayland in it to run x apps - i was surprised recently when i played around with it in another context on a raspberry pi (running 64bit ubuntu and using weston as compositor) that an opengl app running in xwayland that way was 3d hw accelerated via the vc4 mesa driver ...
  12. i think zram is good as long as you want to (and can) live without swap at all - zswap is good if you'll need a bit of swap and i made some quite good experiences especially since it supports zstd and 3fold modes which results in about 1:3 compression ratio usually ... it cannot do any wonders, so it is better to use it with at least a bit of ram (i would recommend 2gb real ram at minimum if you run a desktop as otherwise it will eat quite a bit of cpu for compressing and decompressing the memory all the time, maybe 1gb is ok for a server) ... a good side effect of it is that everything swappe
  13. allwinner h6 tv boxes usually do not have a voltage regulator for the cpu voltage and thus always run at full voltage even if the frequency is scaled down, so throttling is very inefficient here - in my experience they close to always need active cooling to deal with any serious load for a longer time at full cpu frequency ... i only have one board where i replaced the original heat sink with a much larger one and added fresh high quality thermal paste between it and the soc and that one can run without a fan if not in a case (i.e. good air flow) ... s905x3 is much cooler as its cores are done
  14. no - you can install to internal emmc just fine too and you can even get rid of the chromeos boot screen ... i run my snow and veyron chromebooks this way and they run quite well ... the images are just to have an easy starting point for others who want to play around with linux on this hardware as its much easier to do all the preparations for an emmc install from a running linux system instead from chromeos and its also handy to have a working sd card linux system around in case one breaks the emmc install ... i decided for chainloading u-boot for booting as trying to install a new low leve
  15. in case you already have one and want to get started, this is a bootable sd card image working on some rk3288 chromebooks: https://github.com/hexdump0815/imagebuilder/releases/tag/200526-01 - maybe you can use it as a starting point for a proper armbian port (the image is just plain debian/ubuntu and not armbian) some more relevant info about getting linux working or making it nicer on such chromebooks: https://github.com/hexdump0815/imagebuilder/tree/master/files/chromebook-boot https://github.com/hexdump0815/imagebuilder/blob/master/boot/boot-chromebook_veyron-armv7l/ch