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  1. @oneminute - maybe give this dtb a try for booting form sd card only:
  2. @jernej - nice to have the tx6 dtb in tree now i'll have a look at your patch during the next days - you mean i should apply it to plain u-boot mainline?
  3. @jernej - could it maybe be that the eachlink simply has a hardware design failure, so that some hdmi detection signal is not properly connected and maybe even android uses the forced hdmi connect? ... with this eachlink box nothing would surprise me: the dram seems to be strange, the serial connector is there, but one has to solder in additional stuff to actually make it work etc. looking forward to your dram ideas - do you think there is a chance to really get 3gb out of this box? or only to make it booting safe without mem=2048M? do you also have some idea what might be the problem with emmc on those h6 tv boxes? best wishes - hexdump
  4. @jernej - no change - still no signal on hdmi - tested with 5.3-rc3 (which works fine on non eachlink) with your second patch and no video=HDMI-A-1:e (just to be safe - it would be ignored anyway due to the video= parsing bug i guess)
  5. @jernej - the result for 5.2.8 without your suggested change and without video=HDMI-A-1:e are the same as for the 5.3-rc3 version above (i.e. non working hdmi) - the 5.2.8 results from above are without your suggested change and with video=HDMI-A-1:e (i.e. working hdmi)
  6. @jernej - sorry - the above values were when booted 5.3-rc3 with your test from above - monitor connected, but no hdmi output. the below is 5.2.8 with working hdmi out: 0x06000104 - 0x0 0x06003000 - 0x2E 0x06003004 - 0xF1 0x06003007 - 0x2 best wishes - hexdump
  7. @jernej - here they are: 0x06000104 - 0x0 0x06003000 - 0x16 0x06003004 - 0xF0 0x06003007 - 0x2 i used devmem2 addr b - i hope you can obtain what you are looking for from that as well - ? best wishes - hexdump
  8. @jernej - i just tried your change, but sadly it does not make any difference - still no hdmi signal
  9. @jernej - will give it a try tomorrow and let you know then. thanks a lot for thinking about how to get this forward.
  10. @luckowner - i must admit, that i did not yet get wireless working myself (it is lower on my priority list), so i'm maybe not of big help here. in general it is a good idea to check that the wireless section is similar to the one in the android dtb. also it is important, that the wireless chip is also supported properly by rockchip and/or mainline linux (the very common ssv6051 for instance is not). you might check at /sys/bus/sdio/devices if the card got detected on the sdio bus (maybe google for the hex id in case there is an entry there). i think at some point wireless worked for me on the t9 with my first set of t9 dts (the ones based on other dtb files), but it did not when i tried to create a proper .dts files for the t9 for inclusion into the rockchip and mainline kernel trees to be built in there. here i did not yet succeed to get it working. best wishes - hexdump
  11. @jernej - i did not find any way to download the message as mbox file - neither on patchwork nor on the list archive - and i'm not sure if i would be able to import it into gmail ... could you maybe please reply, reference my bisect message from above and put me on cc? (i assume you are on dri-devel - right?) a lot of thanks in advance and best wishes - hexdump
  12. @jernej - bisecting done - this is the breaking commit/patch: https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/patch/311102/ - looks like they simply broke the video= cmdline parser ... as i understand https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/57525/ it is not accepted yet and looks like others had problems with it as well ... @PiotrO - might be interesting for you as well
  13. see my post above and try it with a toothpick or something similar as described - this way it should work good luck - hexdump
  14. @jernej - bisecting in progress - 14 rounds, so it will take a while
  15. i tried the 5.2.8 dtb, but this is not the problem - no output on hdmi neither. on my other qplus box hdmi out works fine with 5.3, so the problem seems to be specific to the eachlink box. so looks like there is no real way around some kernel bisecting to find out which commit is causing this ...