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  1. @fizban - for me those cheap pcm2704 adapters usually gave much better latency than the other cheap usb audio adapters: https://github.com/hexdump0815/sonaremin/blob/master/images/pcm2704-01.jpg maybe have a look at sfizz as a sampler - it allows to use sfz files (much better than simple sound fonts) of which there are quite a few amazing ones around on the net (quite a few on pianobook for instance): https://github.com/sfztools/sfizz/ https://github.com/hexdump0815/sfizz-arm-build (my notes on building it on arm) if you want to go a bit furher, you can even run a full modular synth with around 2k avaiable modules (vcvrack) on your qplus - i did builds for h6 tv boxes for an older version - for instance here: https://github.com/hexdump0815/sonaremin/releases/tag/v1.1.6_8 but not yet on the latest improved version https://github.com/hexdump0815/sonaremin-ng ... but for vcvrack you'll have to add a fan to your box as it otherwise will get too hot and throttle the cpu good luck and best wishes - hexdump
  2. @Onemanpeloton Onemanpeloton - maybe have a careful look at https://github.com/hexdump0815/u-boot-misc/issues/2 before you start - good luck
  3. looks like either bad memory or wrong boot loader as it cannot train the memory timing properly as either the memory is broken or the boot loader has the wrong timing parameters ...
  4. @Dragao - dying emmc is something which happens from time to time with tv boxes - i had it on an amlogic box and i think @jock and @fabiobassa can sing a song about this topic too ... i think tv boxes are sometimes assembled from very low quality components to push prices down ...
  5. @Gustavo A. Díaz - maybe have a look at: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=11209 and https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=7387
  6. @phier i it would be good if you would write some more details - otherwise its hard to help - for instance what system and what image you are using and what exactly you want to adjust/change ...
  7. @phier - boot.scr is reading and evaluating armbianEnv.txt - so armbianEnv.txt it the proper file to change it good luck and best wishes - hexdump
  8. @elbuit - if nothing else works, this should usually work to get the device tree from a running android: https://github.com/hexdump0815/u-boot-misc/tree/master/misc.h616-legacy/android-device-tree-copy best wishes and good luck - hexdump
  9. @Zhexue. - did you install the latest jetpack from nvidia first (it just needs to be installed and booted once - as part of it it will ask you if its ok to update the boot firmare)? it is required to get a boot loader onto the board which is able to boot those images. best wishes and good luck - hexdump
  10. @jock - just an idea regarding the low ui performance with mali: maybe something like "xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1080 --panning 1280x720 --scale 0.6666x0.6666" (to scale 1920x1080 down) or "xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1200 --panning 1280x800 --scale 0.6666x0.6666" (to scale 1920x1200 down) or similar commands for other resolutions might help to bring the on screen resolutions into more managable regions for the little gpu and mem bw? at least i noticed that smaller resolution monitors were working quite a bit better) ... just an idea ...
  11. @jock - could it be that the sd card is not connected to the proper mmc slot - i have seen this on rk3328 boxes - for instance https://github.com/hexdump0815/u-boot-misc/issues/2
  12. @kruzer - iirc this change was done intentionally by @jock - he'll most probably reply soon himself regarding this ... there is btw. a kernel cmdline parameter to extend the timeout: "lima.sched_timeout_ms=1000" and depending on how old your mesa is, it might maybe miss this fix: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/10121 - also interesting in this context maybe: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/issues/3467 which resulted in that fix ... not sure, maybe your problem is a different one ... best wishes and good luck - hexdump
  13. @lanefu - as you mentioned the m1 mac: there is a very nice brew package around, which gives you a qemu there which even sends opengl via virgl and angle to the m1 gpu - not the fastest in the world, but better and more cpu saving than software rendering - https://github.com/knazarov/homebrew-qemu-virgl
  14. @jock - just in case: the slick greeter is also working well on armhf
  15. as far as i understand it not - i think if encryption for the boot process is enabled, then some fuses are being burned in the soc to switch into that mode and a key for decryption and/or checking the signature is also stored in there and i think this is a non reversible process in the hardware (at least not trivially to work around)