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  1. that one is not really armbian - but you can try it as a start - not sure if it will boot out of the box on an asus c100pa, but with some dtb trying/tweaking it might work ... it works for me on a medion s2013 chromebook ... in case you get it booting, do not expect wlan etc. to work out of the box for sure good luck and best wishes - hexdump
  2. i think it could be a generic a20 problem - maybe have a look at: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/7575-k-worker-problem-on-a20-based-boards/ https://forum.armbian.com/topic/14282-headless-systems-and-sun4i_drm_hdmi-a10a20/ https://superuser.com/questions/1515001/debian-10-buster-on-cubietruck-with-bug-in-sun4i-drm-hdmi best wishes - hexdump
  3. @jps1x2 - as this is not strictly armbian related, could you please open a github issue on my u-boot-misc repo so that we can discuss it there?
  4. @jps1x2 - if you do not feel comfortable doing the low level changes needed, then it might be better to keep this box running android and try to get something else better supported i would suggest. best wishes - hexdump
  5. i think the a5x max+ is one of the weird boxes which has the sd card not wired at the proper mmc port and thus cannot boot from sd card at all - i once made a hack for my h96max (same problem) to replace the legacy u-boot on emmc with a mainline one configured for this strange mmc setup and reading extlinux then first from the sd card - this way i can boot it now quite normally from sd card - but: this hack is risky as you can easily brick your box doing such low level things, this hack worked for me and my box but it does not have to work for yours and you are on your own when trying this - h
  6. i do not know any details, i just know that is why the u-boot.ext was there ... maybe just give a mainline c4 u-boot a try and chainload that? i would not recommend to touch the legacy u-boot on the box as long as you do not know 100% what you are doing (maybe you do know 100%) as its very easy to brick a box this way due to wrong memory timings best wishes - hexdump
  7. i think this was due to amlogic messing up the video mode with current mainline kernels in later versions of their legacy u-boot - the solution was to chainload a u-boot which sets the video mode properly (no more false colors) from the legacy u-boot on the box ...
  8. as far as i know there is no open source support at all yet for either h313 or h616 allwinner chips - so no armbian or anything else i guess ...
  9. not sure if it is related, but i once had a tv box where the android on it changed the permissions and ownership to world readable etc. on all attached filesystems when it booted and as such also completely trashed the linux on the sd card - this was absolutely reproducible on that box ...
  10. @Amor Asad - just try the s905w p281 dtb, i think it should just work - there is nothing really special about the tx3 mini, its just a normal s905w tv box
  11. maybe that helps, but running this board at only 1 ghz sounds a bit strange
  12. maybe @jock has an idea? - i think he is quite familiar with the rk3228 boot
  13. @rna - this is the thread for rk3228/rk3229 boxes btw.:
  14. @odin - maybe the hdmi part is not yet working well enough on s912 - i'll build a non hdmi version for you during the next days ... serial log looks good, from that point on the serial console is disabled, so nothing more to see ...
  15. @jock - i think so far i asked you way more questions already than you me, so that is no problem at all i have it working quite well for s905 (gxbb) and s905x/w/l (gxl) with the mentioned limitation that i had to disable the serial console to make it reliable (otherwise it was sometimes hanging in the boot prompt if the serial console was not connected) ... i think @balbes150 is partially using it chainloaded as well for some of his images and it seems to work i guess ... just give it a try if you know what you are doing (which i think you know) and know the maskrom mode pin of yo