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  1. Hi Armbian, I managed to get this to work using the Armbian "dev" branch. Please see my comment on the Goolge/Coral issue page: https://github.com/google-coral/edgetpu/issues/140#issuecomment-652614479 (...and nice work all Armbian devs/contributors...the docs were vital and educating)
  2. Hi Armbian Community, I am trying to get the Coral/Google NPU (M.2 PCIe key) to work with the NanoPC-T4. Without success. I built Armbian with linux headers (5.4.48) and was able to apt install the gasket-dkms package. (The EdgeTPU requires Google's Gasket and Apex drivers to be built as modules with DKMS, and thus requires the linux headers to be installed at /usr/src). Also, there was no conflicting Gasket or Apex module in the Armbian release prior to install (an issue found by other EdgeTPU systems on other distros). My problem, I believe, has to do with the NanoPC-T4's PCIe. I have tried many different kernels (FriendlyElec's Core/Desktop/Buildroot releases using Rockchip's 4.4.179 kernel as well as various Armbian), and every time PCIe link training times out as follows: [ 3.161132] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: PCIe link training gen1 timeout! [ 3.161214] rockchip-pcie: probe of f8000000.pcie failed with error -110 I am currently at a loss for what to try next. If anyone has any ideas, then I would be forever grateful and enthusiastic to help debug and test. Here is the full u-boot debug and kernel dmesg output for the Armbian build with Gasket/Apex modules installed (albeit never probed):