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  1. I don't know how to create such configuration.
  2. Thank you for your replies. IR is not direclty supported, but like on Rasperry Pi, transmitt may work via GPIO. I think, this should be handled by the pwm_ir_tx/gpio_ir_tx modules?
  3. Many days, not only in this forum. Sorry, but your reply does not help.
  4. When i enable CIR in armbian-config. A /dev/lirc0 is created, but ir-ctrl reports the following: Receive features /dev/lirc0: - Device can receive raw IR - Can report decoded scancodes and protocol - Resolution 8 microseconds Send features /dev/lirc0: - Device cannot send Has anyone a working guide to enable transmitting IR codes via lirc on armbian ?
  5. Hi, i tried to get an infrared transmitter working, but without success. An /dev/lircX device is never created. I'm using an NanoPi Neo and want to use lirc. The pwm_ir_tx/gpio_ir_tx modules are loaded but i can't see a device. Can anyone help me? Best regards Joachim