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  1. I'll be there. Certainly an interesting bunch of board/s.
  2. Assuming different versions are just around the corner, I'll wait and see all the variations of specs before purchasing.
  3. @Tido Not sure if this is helpful but a quick look at the Tinkerboard GPIO number reveals a potential pattern. eg. GP8A4 = 252. The letter A could represent 'subract' therefore: (8 x 32) -4 = 252. GP5B4 = 164. The letter B could rebresent ' add' therefore: (5 x 32) + 4 = 164. GP5C3 = 171. The letter C could represent '+ 8' therefore: (5 x 32) + 8 + 3 = 171 GP7C2 = 234. (7 x 32) + 8 + 2 = 234. However, I'm not sure how GP0C1 = 17
  4. With a little bit of googling, I was able to figure out GPIO assignment for the Orange Pi Zero Plus. It is identical to the Orange Pi Zero. I don't think I have rights to push to git so here is the code. // Orange Pi Zero Plus static int iOPIZPPins[] = {-1,-1,-1,12,-1,11,-1,6,198,-1, 199,1,7,0,-1,3,19,-1,18,15, -1,16,2,14,13,-1,10,-1,5,4}; // last 3 pins are TTY header
  5. Have looked at the schematics for the zero plus but am not sure how to translate the gpio to numbers for the armbianio.c file. Any hints?
  6. @TidoOh........ Um Yeah, I'm really not understanding those numbers in your Tinkerboard example. I understand -1 means the pin is not available to use as a GPIO but where do I derive the other numbers from? @Larry Bank I'll look into your info this weekend as this might answer my question to Tido.
  7. Can't use this with Opi zero plus. Get this error root@orangepizeroplus:~/git/ArmbianIO# make cc -c -Wall -O2 armbianio.c armbianio.c: In function ‘GPIOThread’: armbianio.c:367:12: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast] int iPin = (int)param; // pin number is passed in ^ armbianio.c: In function ‘AIOAddGPIOCallback’: armbianio.c:447:43: warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size [-Wint-to-pointer-cast] pthread_create(&tinfo, NULL, GPIOThread, (void *)iPin); ^ ar -
  8. I've modified my case in order to mount a 40mm fan externally and secured it with blackmax. Also attached a heatsink. Found some bash scripting to enable the fan at a desired temp but am not sure about the wiringOP setup for this board.
  9. That was my next step. Will chuck a heatsink on today and a small fan which should fit inside the case and run some more tests.
  10. Received my zero plus, expansion board and case today. Put it all together (had to dremel the Ethernet case opening to make it fit) and then apt update / upgrade, configured wireless then ran a perf3 test to my server achieving 894Mb. Typed 'armbianmonitor -m' and was already at 88C. Shutdown and felt the temp of the case and SD - obviously bloody hot.
  11. Orange Pi Win just got released http://s.aliexpress.com/i22quiEb Has an A64 CPU. Specs look alright apart from the USB hub.