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  1. @@lex, yes I have tried Android. It does not work. I suspect a hardware issue. Particularly since the power LED goes out after the u-boot freeze.
  2. I have learned that the warranty is 15 days from receipt. I reached out to support, they were not only unable to resolve but failed to have any insight beyond "is it plugged in, is it turned on, did you try all of the official releases of various distributions". Gavinb, I see that link and I don't know what I am looking at. It is hard to imagine that anyone would pay money for pine64 products that simply don't work. Or that the team cannot be bothered to maintain a working software configuration which was historically called the Golden Master (GM) against which we can d
  3. I just received my Pine A64 LTS V1.2 board, 7" LCD TOUCH SCREEN PANEL, and playbox enclosure. I flashed an sd card with Linux Armbian Focal: If the LCD is connected via the DSI port, the boot freezes during UBoot. If I disconnect the LCD from the DSI connector, we get past the first part of UBoot immediately and it eventually brings me to the login prompt. I do observe that the green power LED appears to light then turn off about when it freezes on boot with the DSI connector attached. I have the official 5 V 2 A SOPI
  4. psychedup74 et al., 1) Where is this issue being tracked? 2) Where is the code for this living? 3) What part of the driver is WIP? Cheers