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  1. tried? both armbian reforged and twister os Armbian rd pro: booted out of the box pre installed gui program pack/showing arm64 architecture can serve as desktop con: unable to adjust screen resolution to 1360x768......even after installing diffrend desktop enviremend so sadly not usable twister os failure to boot out of the box (default config)nanopim4v2 some pointers if you wanne make it friendly for ex windows users. the whole admin situation in linux is a pain in the ...... the right clk shell option execute as admin is a must..... I assume pp that read this thread have a default armbian installed witouth the r clic option..... so asking to preconfig with edditing filles ?Read only? noodels have no knowledge on how to switch to su in gui mode.since fille format is not reconised bye windows changing using a known os is no option either....mayby its better to make the os reconise the board on hardware used on the sbc or do as armbian ea sbc preconfiged/unique dl url. the download of depository is somewhat --_-- while handy to download install in one command witouth browsing the web.....it evolved to a inflexible system if you wanne download it as stand alone packages since a downloadit .deb fille it rarely incluudes dependency s....so on any install forced connection? plz incluude r clic option with gui installer bye default /after trying to install a package that cant run on the architecture mark it bye icon or coler makes cleaning up after easyer Linux is the future....the only way forward after win 7 for those concerned about data collecting....if only linux based distros would offer both full cmd/gui in (desktop mode)win would already be history,(.in win u can use cmd if you want to but u wil rarely be forced to) whats silver is subjective/my current opinon /view will propbly change as i continue exploring/learn about linux based distributions
  2. il try it thank you bydeway does the build with download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gQtgWz2pH2TX9Qs_bcDU9zn7w4edfcVf/view?fbclid=IwAR0SRSC8M_1_qm825n4Bd7bqjLmO30qTpFo73qQQga-TC_LRuc2BVFcGzKU come with preinstalled accelerate gpu drivers (Hardware Decoding)for browsers/media players?
  3. Hi, I am looking for a way to emulate x86(windows xp) on the rk3399.I know it is a arm64 and it wil only use one core there for it wil be slow/bad performance....I dont care its for a low demanding administration tool that i wrote a few years a go for windows that id like to run on the rk so i can put my main pc in storage. On youtube i found some guides 1/ExaGear tried and failed dependency missing or not compactible 2/QEMu Tried and failed: vnc running on .......... (network adress) But no Gui to been seen anywhere qemu-system-i386 -L . -hda nt4.cow -net nic,model=pcnet -net user -cpu pentium -soundhw all -vga cirrus -m 3G -cdrom WXPVOL_EN.iso -boot d (command used) considering that so far all my attempts have failed......Is there a in house guide on how to emulate x86 on rk3399. or a uptodate turtorial....i can hardly beleive that i am the only one that wants to emulate a low performance x86 environment. as always any help is welcome
  4. LNoodle

    Nvme issue

    it is the nanopi m4 v2 i am aware of the pcie gen 2 speeds(and i sough ur video sys on nvme "nico D big fan") i did the default test with default sizes and i did the same test with blocks of 100mb it is the low write speed that makes it odd makes me think somthing is wrong its a near empty nvme of 512 gb (less then 20 gb is occupied) i used the default kernel when you download the armbian focal image of the website. if the problem persist il try to instal buster image....aldo i hope there is a patch
  5. I have installed Armbian distrubution focal i am running with boot from sd and system on nvme I installed gnome disks and i did a benchmark. drive/ model number Transcend 512GB NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 MTE220S M.2 TS512GMTE220S advertised speeds 3100 read/2100 write The results where as followed: 750 mbs read >>>inline with epectations 150 mbs >>> way below expectations for the drive is there a atch availeble?
  6. LNoodle


    I watcht those videos related to nanopi m4 v2.However i havent found answers for question 1/2/4/5
  7. LNoodle


    First a short introduction I am a Linux Noodle i recently bought my first sbc nanopi m4 v2 arm powerd board idialy i would use linux fx to transit from windows envirement to linux.However most information (youtube Nico D) about using my new sbc uses Armbian as os.So i decidit to use Armbian to start with this topic will be a collection of noodle questions 1)Armbian and gui...i find the default desktop plain ugly... can i instal a other like cinnamon if not what other options do i have?(i dont care that mutch about resource use). 2) I know Armbian overclocks bye default to 2ghz/1.5... however can i go higher with armbian if so what fille do i edit? (my rig will come with water cooling) 3)nvme speeds...i found a linux guide that said u have to activate nvme gen2 to get to full speed do i need to do this in armbian aswell? 4)how do i set a swap fille under armbian? 5)Currently i am still reading the manueel /wikipage so far i havent booted the board itself.Can the board load https://catanuniverse.com/en/game/ the browser version ?
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