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  1. Hi, I have some pb with the last images for rk3188. Each time I flash one of those .xz images (unde windows with etcher or under linux with dd command or with the restore disk utility) I've got the meesage - from gparted: "a partition cannot be outside the disk". If I try to "check" the partition, gparted display un error message and refuse to check it... Am I the only one with this error? PS1 the previos images do not have this pb
  2. Sorry, no UART console but I can try to disassembly my minix neo x7 and send you a picture
  3. Hello balbes150, I've got a minix neo x7 (rk3188 with ubuintu 14.04 on sd card). I am very interested by your work on armbian for rk 3188. Tell me if I can help with something. I tried your images (focal & bullseye) but no luck Any way, thank you for working for our old hardware