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  1. Hurray! Fantastic news! I'm waiting for such a long time.... Thank you Balbes
  2. Hello, As you know I have minix neo x7 (RK3188) I never succeed to boot any linaro or radxa images on sd card (never tried on NAND) For me all linuxium images worked using linuxium bootloader for minix neo x7. Linuxium stop developping for our devices at ubuntu desktop12.04 and 13.04. And on ubuntu server on ubuntu 14.04 (I never succeed to install a graphic environnemet on it): The only ubuntu 14.04 desktop (non linuxium) that successfuly boot was this one: with linuxium
  3. Hi, I do not really want to erase the nand because erasing, flashing the firmware, flashing the update etc it may end with a brick. I already brick a "unbrickeable" device: tronsmart cx-919. That's why I have the ubuntu 14.04 on sd card... Now I am using my minix with Android TV on holidays with my kids for kids staff (cartoon, etc) Erasing the nand is it mandatory before using new kernel? I thought that the kernel was somewhere on the sd card when the device boots on the sd card, no? There are devices without nand that boot only on sd card (some radxa rock boards I think
  4. Hello, I had to create a new profile because since yesterday I have the "you reach the maximum number of post per day" message! I've only post two messages yesterday and still today I have the same message... Here is the picture of the minix neo x7 board you ask for: