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    DaviMesquita got a reaction from jock in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    @jock and @fabiobassa
    You are awesome! I only had time to try the new wifi driver now, and it worked like magic, very smoothly!
    I tried both 2.4G and 5G and both worked fine, with a nice speed!
    Thank you very much again!
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    DaviMesquita reacted to Ztrawberry in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    Hi @DaviMesquita, yes with these boxes it is quite random due to all the hardware differences on the "same models". Personally I have found that looking at the various DTB files help (once you have converted them to DTS) and even managed to solve a few small issues for my boxes. 
    BTW my SSV6051 loads perfectly and works on 2.4Ghz, which as far as I recall is correct since it doesn't support 5Ghz on the CSC RK322x image. You might want to test this one as well just to be sure.

    Here is my mntui output:

    One thing you can try is the DTB file changes, the other I read somewhere is using the Wi-Fi p2p0 since somebody said somewhere they could only get it working on p2p0 but not on wlan0 interface.
    Regarding your thought for using this in lower income households, perfect, I thought about the same in South Africa. The only issue is getting consistent hardware, and I now believe the only way manufacturing in Taiwan at a slightly higher cost. But with the whole covid think it might actually be worthwhile in our developing countries...
    Good luck!
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    DaviMesquita got a reaction from Ztrawberry in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    Wifi Issue
    Thank you very much, @fabiobassa
    I just wanted to make sure that I tried everything about this wifi issue. Now I can rest in peace 
    I guess I was a little bit unlucky about the hardware I bought. Also, I wasn't aware about the high varienty amongst these TV Boxes. Next time I'll look here before I buy anything and I'll look for a more suitable and commom box (If someone want to suggest a good option, I would appreaciate too).
    Multimedia - Youtube
    Another topic I'd like to bring is about the performance on running youtube videos. I tried to run some videos on youtube, using chromium (I'll try firefox next time) and the performance was really bad, even for low resolution videos. 
    I also realized that the video players were also slow. Then I tried the turorial below and I got great results when I run the following command:
    "mpv --hwdec=rkmpp -vo=gpu --gpu-api=opengl --gpu-context=drm --opengl-es=yes <video_file>"
    But the performance on youtube is still bad
    Is there any way to use gpu when I run youtube videos or any other way to improve the perfomance of this task?
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