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  1. @jock and @fabiobassa You are awesome! I only had time to try the new wifi driver now, and it worked like magic, very smoothly! I tried both 2.4G and 5G and both worked fine, with a nice speed! Thank you very much again!
  2. Thank you, very much, @jock I'll test it and bring the feedback here! Best regards!
  3. Thank you again, everyone. @Ztrawberry, if you don't mind, could send me an e-mail so we can keep in touch and share our findings and ideas about these devices. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to send private messages here. My e-mail is davimesq@gmail.com Best regards,
  4. Wifi Issue Thank you very much, @fabiobassa I just wanted to make sure that I tried everything about this wifi issue. Now I can rest in peace I guess I was a little bit unlucky about the hardware I bought. Also, I wasn't aware about the high varienty amongst these TV Boxes. Next time I'll look here before I buy anything and I'll look for a more suitable and commom box (If someone want to suggest a good option, I would appreaciate too). ----------------------------------------------------------- Multimedia - Youtube Another topic I'd like to br
  5. Hi everyone, First of all, I would like to thank @jock @fabiobassa and everyone else that have shared their knowledge here. All the information was extremely helpful and clear (the majority of the problems I had was due to lack of attention or experience) I joined this adventure aiming to assemble cheap computers, with some basic resources, for children in poor communities in Brazilian countryside. Since these TV Boxes are very popular here in Brazil, they seemed to be a nice option for me. After I acquired my box and after some research, I came to find the Armbian pr