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  1. Well, I had Plex running. I had two other tabs open: Tautulli and americascup.com (the racing has started) but it wasn’t playing any video. Or doing anything else. Syncthing also running in the background. That’s it. I have Jellyfin installed but yet to configure it for remote access so not currently using it. Can I do anything to rectify the memory usage issue (assuming Plex is the culprit) ?
  2. armbianmonitor -u said "Network/firewall problem detected. Not able to upload debug info. Please fix this or use "-U" instead and upload whole output manually"
  3. Hello again all, Following the success of my last need to post here I changed my Odroid N2+ Plex server over to Armbian (making two Armbian-running Odroids in the house). The N2+ is running Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) with Linux 5.9.6-meson64 I have had a few occasions where I have encountered a system-wide freeze. Today's lasted over an hour, whilst others have unfrozen after ~20-30 minutes. Today the machine was ping-able but attempts to ssh in were unsuccessful though there was no timeout and no error messages when trying. Prior to that I was listening to some music in
  4. j___r


  5. This is possible on a time/energy basis. Not exactly sure what I could contribute- probably documentation & design focussed.
  6. Thanks for your response and explanation. I performed the backup and upgraded the kernel to 4.14.202 and it has gone smoothly. And, Tailscale is back to it's happy self again. I really enjoy these little devices too, so I will continue to try and learn more and more about them and Linux but sometimes it seems bottomless. I appreciate the efforts of the contributors. Jon
  7. I do find it not very clear. That page you linked to for example describes current as 'fully supported', but then states that kernel support is dependent on the board family - fair enough, this is a resourcing issue and completely understandable. It then recommends to use a legacy kernel if there are problems - so are legacy kernel images more or less supported than current? It then goes on to say - confusingly in my opinion - that testing images are, somehow, simultaneously, 'made from stable branches' but also 'not very well tested'. I guess what I desire is to be on a stab
  8. So it is true there is no upgrade path beyond 4.14? Is this true with all types of Linux distributions? My studies will end soon for summer. Perhaps I am best to start over with Ubuntu or something very mainstream?
  9. There are a few additional 4.14 variants not visible in the screenshot
  10. This is not good news. Yes, I knew this. They should probably all be bundled together for this reason. Having said that, like the HC1 downloads page the two most prominent downloads for the XU4 as show on the page are both for the 4.14 kernel. See the note *kernel 5.4 is still considered experimental. If it is so old why is it being presented as the main option? Perhaps I should've gone with a ubuntu image direct from hardkernel?
  11. Not sure what you mean by causal? I did a firmware upgrade via armbian-config and couldn't boot afterward. That was why I restored the SD card from a backup. It seems like the fstab file had been changed in the upgrade.
  12. Yes, I wonder... The two most prominently displayed images on the download page are 4.14 You have to scroll further down to find others with more recent kernels. Can I upgrade the os on my sata drive without overwriting current configuration and user files?
  13. I only set up this server during June this year. I am pretty sure I used Armbian_5.83_Odroidxu4_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.14.111 which means I should have config-tun. So something has happened between the bad upgrade and the restore. I just restored my sd card, yet the system os is residing on my data drive. Is there a way I can restore the kernel configuration?
  14. To be honest Werner, I'm not sure what that shows.