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  1. Anyone got the 8-channel audio input working? If so, I'd probably buy one to turn it into a budget sound interface
  2. I think I found the chipset I'd need to find boards for - the Rockchip RK3308. It has 8-channel input. There's one cheap board with this - the Rock Pi S. I'm curious if any of the Rock Pi S users here have got audio input working!
  3. I'm a little concerned that combo jack splitters tend to get noisy. Also, mic in is available in a lot of other boards, but not all seem to have stereo line in. I've seen an Atom based thin client with this setup (incidentally, it costs just slightly more than the ASUS Tinker Board where I live), but not much else.
  4. Ahoy! I'm looking for a cheap SBC with mainline kernel support (so hopefully Armbian support too) and a stereo line-level input and output. I'd like to also have atleast an ARMv7 or later instruction set (need Neon instructions) and atleast 512 megs of RAM (but 1 or 2 gigs would be nice; and I could survive with 256MB if I work really hard). My use-case is that I intend to pair this up with a cheap mixer and run a few audio plugins via Ardour. Most plugins I use (generally stuff from the Guitarix project) depend on the ARM Neon instructions. The ModDevices project seems