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  1. Update: I emailed Friendly Elec's techsupport and asked what USB Wifi dongles they suggest. They suggested the following 2 ones: 翼联(EDUP)精灵系列 USB无线网卡 5G双频1300M迷你千兆网卡 台式机笔记本随身WiFi接收器发射器 Comfast CF-811AC You can find these on Aliexpress. I bought both of these and will test them when they arrive in 20-40 days. I asked if these would work on Nano Pi R1, and they said 'no'
  2. Problem: Wifi Dongle D-Link DWA-131 (RTL8192EU) doesn't work in automated 'armbian-config' program to configure it as an AP. Tried: On a fresh install of Buster Current on SD card, I booted up and did 'armbian-config > Network > Hotspot'. At the end of the setup it said there is no compatible 'hostapd' driver. I also tried an image of FriendlyWRT on this SBC. I could get the Wifi Dongle to be recognized, but radio0 said "device not set", and wifi was 'not associated'. Goal: Get DWA-131 to function as a hotspot on my FriendlyElec NanoPi R2