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  1. Any chance of getting this patch on the legacy kernel?
  2. When do you say dd the .imgs, do you mean to connect the board to a Linux pc and use the dd command?
  3. The problem my dump was made with the system broken already
  4. Here are some photos of the board. It is 8 giga/1 giga. I have the flash dump I made using multitool. Do you mean I can unpack and substitute the "broken" img, pack it back and then write the single image back in the emmc using multitool?
  5. Thank you but didn't work. Scishion is 2GB Ram and my box is only 1gb. I have already tried so many firmwares with no lucky. Also, I don't have A-A USB cable, so I can only try single img files through rockchip's SD Firmware Tool; that's why I was asking for a backup file, so I can use multitool to restore it. P.S. Why I can only post once a day in this forum?
  6. Okay, I know this isn't the right place to ask and probabily the moderators will remove this but I can't find it anywhere else and really need to ask. Can someone who have the "TV Box MXQ Pro 4k 5G" board R3229Q_V8.0 2019.05.30 wifi ssv6256p upload a multitool backup of the android firmware and share the link? I broke mine tryng to update the supersu and now I can't use android anymore. Thank you in advance and sorry for any inconvenience
  7. What information do you need? My board us "R3229Q _V8.0". I was using LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200427213119-b7186bc-rk3228a-mxq4kpro.img.gz flawlessly on a 4g Toshiba sd. I downloaded the image Armbian_20.05.6_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_desktop.img.xz and followed the instructions of the first post for install on eMMC. I used a 32gb Samsung SD. Everything succeeded with no problems When I connect the board to the power with the LibreELEC sd inserted it doesn't boot anymore. The blue led is on but no output from HDMI. If I remove the sd, Armbian boots form internal s
  8. I followed the instructions to install to eMMC and everything worked as expected. The problem is that now the box can't boot my LibreELEC sd. Any ideas ?
  9. It's normal to end up with a 2gb sd after burning the multitool image?