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  1. nanoPi M4 running Armbian 21.02.1 Buster with Linux 5.10.12-rockchip64. Attached are two identical B25 USB Bluetooth Transmitter Sticks which are supposed to transmit the same MP3 stream (provided by Mopidy or Shairplay Sync). The following screenshot shows just a single B25 stick attached, the second one has yet to arrive. I expect them to all have the same USB ID ID 0a12:1004: Here’s the problem: After each reboot the system (or ALSA?) gives the B25 stick a different card number in aplayer -l (in the screenshot above B25 is card #2, on the next reboot it
  2. I would love to see support for modems based on the SIM7070G chip. Along with Quectel’s BG96, SIMCom’s 70x0 and 7x00 families seem to be the leading choice when it comes to IoT-related applications with LTE-M and NB-IoT. Shenzhen-based AND Technology manufactures and offers two very affordable modems (< USD 25) using the SIM7070G: BK-SIM7070G (a break-out board with serial interface) -> AliExpress DG-SIM7070G (a USB stick/dongle) -> AliExpress Sidenote: Waveshare has a Raspberry Pi HAT based on the very same chip –> SIM7070G Cat-M/NB-IoT/GPRS
  3. I am looking for ways / support to run Armbian (no release preference; any version would be good) on the tolino epos 1 eInk display eBook reader (built by taiwanese manufacturer Netronix under model ID 37NB-E70Q2M+4A2). The device currently/by default runs Android 4.4.2. I'm able to flash customized 4.4 images via fastboot and have ADB control (Android Debug Bridge) via USB and Wifi. I've identified the following key components: Freescale i.MX6 SoloLite (MCIMX6L8DVN10AB) CPU. Version with GPU and EPDC (Electrophoretic Display Controller; a