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  1. I am looking for ways / support to run Armbian (no release preference; any version would be good) on the tolino epos 1 eInk display eBook reader (built by taiwanese manufacturer Netronix under model ID 37NB-E70Q2M+4A2). The device currently/by default runs Android 4.4.2. I'm able to flash customized 4.4 images via fastboot and have ADB control (Android Debug Bridge) via USB and Wifi. I've identified the following key components: Freescale i.MX6 SoloLite (MCIMX6L8DVN10AB) CPU. Version with GPU and EPDC (Electrophoretic Display Controller; a feature-rich, low power, and high-performance direct-drive, active matrix EPD controller. It is specifically designed to drive E Ink EPD panels, supporting a wide variety of TFT backplanes). Realtek RTL8189FTV – Wifi only, no Bluetooth TI TPS65185 – Single Chip Power-Management Solution for E Ink® Vizplex™ Electronic Paper (E-Paper) Elan eKTF – Touchscreen Controller Ricoh RC5T619PMU – Power Management Samsung KLM8G1GEME – 8 GB eNAND Nanya NT6TL xxx – 512 MB RAM The device will be used as internet-connected display device with no user interaction through the touch-screen. What I need / what I don't need: mandatory: access to a console via USB very desireable: Wifi support not mandatory: touchscreen support mandatory: support for those Chinese, Qualcomm MDM9200/9600-based 3-in-1 LTE 4G USB Modems with Wi-Fi Hotspot (attached via USB OTG cable, used as direct modem, not as Hotspot) Possible? If so, how? e.g. How to create an image supporting the listed components? And: How and where to flash it? (There is no SD card slot, I must flash the any Armbian image to the internal 8 GB. Using fastboot? Stick to the existing bootloader or replace it? (Worried about bricking the device). Sorry for the barrage of questions.